Federal human capital analytics

We deliver critical insights about government workers, their preferences, and workforce related measures of organizational success.


Predictive human capital analytics & dashboards

Our predictive workforce analytical models provide insights to help acquire, engage, develop, retain, and deploy talent across the organization.

Intelligent recruiter

We deliver forecasts of recruitment demands across job types, departments and locations to help streamline recruitment operations.

Culture DNA assessment

Our Culture DNA uses advanced analytics models to predict which elements of the existing culture can contribute most to achieving your goals.

Transformation GPS

Our patented, analytics-based system surveys and benchmarks employee experiences to predict outcomes, build capabilities, and monitor progress.

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How we work

We employ a standardized approach to build analytics maturity, helping you move from disparate sources of data to data-driven insights.

Data sourcing

We aggregate, classify, and structure personnel data. Where applicable, we remove Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to maintain privacy.

Data cleansing and preparation

We cleanse, rescale, and harmonize your data. It is then divided into evaluation and validation sets to support model development.

Model development and business case

We apply data mining and advanced analytics techniques to analyze the data and generate models to reveal key insights for stakeholders.

Review findings and create action plans

We review and analyze the results of the analytic model and business case and develop an action plan that addresses key findings.

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Our leaders