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Case Study

MSRB: A people-first approach to cloud

Combining cloud and workforce transformation for lasting success.

Call for change

A foundation for future success

When tech meets human ingenuity

Migrating on-premise data centers to AWS cloud

Workforce transformation

Ongoing managed services

Getting ready for a cloud-first world

The transformation was underpinned by clear communication and engagement plans and a series of Cloud Pop-Up events that provided an innovative platform for open discussions and engagement.

How the MSRB put its people first

Accenture Federal Service Chief Technology Officer, Christopher Copeland and MSRB CEO, Mark Kim discuss how Accenture and MSRB are working to optimize the new cloud environment and continuing to collaborate on application modernization. Watch to learn more on how Accenture and AWS are positioned to help MSRB embrace the future and digitally transform their business.

Chris Copeland & Mark Kim, MSRB at AWS re:Invent

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A valuable difference






virtual machines


data centers’ information migrated to the AWS cloud, all on budget and on time

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