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Customer Insight, eCommerce & Multichannel

We help organizations make tangible business change by unlocking the power of customer, eCommerce and multi-channel data – all within the same platform.

Customer decay

How well are we retaining different types of customers? Which groups of customers more loyal than others?

C2C - sales & marketing pipeline generation

How can you use your Salesforce data to better understand key KPI’s relating to your business strategy from Campaign to Cash? What key attributes along the value chain lead to higher ROI and help better understand this ‘golden thread’?

COVID-19 Twitter brand sentiment analysis

How has your brand sentiment changed during COVID-19 lockdown?

Client performance overview

How can you monetise your data by providing aggregated benchmarks to your clients?

Twitter retailer sentiment analysis

How does your customer sentiment on Twitter compare to your competitors? And do you need to invest in your social media team to improve this?

Supermarket sentiment analysis

How can you track competitors and the comparative levels of sentiment of customer tweets?

RFM segmentation analysis

How can you understand how recently, how often and how much your customers spend?

Market basket analysis

How can you understand consumer buying patterns using Market Basket Analysis?

Twitter sentiment analysis

How can you analyse how consumers feel about brands using social media?

Personicx customer segmentation

Who are your customers? Find out using Personicx customer segmentation.

Daily store performance

How can you track store performance on a daily basis to improve your business?

Courier sentiment analytics

Who are the best couriers based on consumer experience?

Google analytics KPI dashboard

How did website traffic this week compare to last week? How has our online conversion rate changed?

eCommerce customer journey analytics

What is the typical journey? What is the true contribution of different channels, campaigns and keywords?

Market share analysis using Google trends

What is your eCommerce market share? How has it changed over time?

eCommerce conversion funnel

What is the shape of your eCommerce conversion funnel? Where in the funnel are you losing the most customers?

Multi-channel KPI dashboard

How can you track customer interactions and spending behaviours across online and store channels?

Contact centre KPI dashboard

Which are your best-performing contact centres? What categories of call take the longest to resolve and result in the lowest customer satisfaction?

Website usage tracking

How can you monitor interactions from users on a webpage or portal?

Courier sentiment analytics

Who are the best couriers based on consumer experience?