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Operations and Supply Chain

We help organisations with their end-to-end operational strategy across all channels and advise their category management processes.

Supply chain

What are the prominent trends in orders? How is the operational performance for a given timeframe? How has inventory accumulation evolved over time?

Facilities management

What are my outstanding work orders and estimates across assets? Which are my worst-performing assets? What is my asset availability?

Competitor product ranging and pricing analysis

How does your product range, brand portfolio and pricing compare to the competition?

Logistics KPI scorecard

How is my logistics performance compared to plan across areas such as activity, cost and quality?

Supply chain performance analysis

Which product lines see the highest defect rates and does this vary across factories? How do I address these quality issues in my supply chain?

Weekly trading meeting

How can you automate reporting, combine data and easily identify exceptions?

Market basket analysis

How can you understand consumer buying patterns using Market Basket Analysis?

Stock availability reporting

How is it possible to track stock outs and address their root causes?

Daily store performance

How can you track store performance on a daily basis to improve your business?

Margin investigation workbook

What causes a large grocery chain to see a YoY decline in margins?