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Accenture's more than 10,600 Texas employees statewide are dedicated to helping Texas-based businesses, education, non-profit and public service agencies achieve high performance. For more than 30 years, we have worked with clients to deliver great outcomes by transforming operations, modernizing mission-critical systems and by using new technologies that enable them to accomplish more with fewer resources. Over time, we have learned that Texas is a big state with even bigger ideas. Looking forward, we are honored to continue to help Texas turn those ideas into reality – one dream at a time.

Accenture is deeply rooted in the State of Texas, with over 10,600 Accenture employees currently living and working in the state.

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Impacts vary but, in many cases, ransomware disrupts businesses for significant periods—or even forces them to suspend operations or close. A growing population of highly capable cyber extortionists is developing new means to counter defenses and to increase the level of disruption they can inflict, constantly. Threats are widespread, they extend across industry and the public/private sector and they affect large and small businesses alike.

Security leaders must understand and counter new ransomware challenges, strengthen defenses across people, processes and technology and demonstrate why security is critical to the business strategy.


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Ask Larry: Virtual assistant talks jobless claims

The Texas Workforce Commission worked with Accenture to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) system that could handle the uptick in claims from unemployed residents in need of benefits. The virtual assistant can understand text questions and offer a reply much like a human would. Within five days, Accenture and Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched the virtual assistant. The tool provides informational responses to the most common questions, such as “How do I file a claim for unemployment insurance?” and “What is the status of my claim or payment?”

The virtual assistant was affectionately named “Larry” after TWC’s former Executive Director Larry Temple, who passed away in 2019. Larry Temple was a public servant who, for two decades, brought wisdom, experience and compassion to those in need.



Accenture Research Offers Deeper Understanding of Post-Secondary Students and Opportunities for Educators

Accenture has identified new opportunities for higher education institutions to differentiate offerings.

NASCIO and Accenture Initiative Supports State Government Cloud Adoption

Study highlights areas of progress and challenges in state government cloud migration.

Government CIOs prioritize chatbots in pandemic

Accenture helped the Texas Workforce Commission deploy a chatbot to assist with questions about unemployment insurance and COVID-19 due to the pandemic.

Eight in 10 businesses believe impact of 5G will be significant but security concerns persist, Accenture study finds

Businesses believe that 5G will be the most revolutionary network evolution yet but still have concerns about the technology’s security.

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