In brief

In brief

  • The threat landscape is changing, with cost increases accelerating alongside evolving threats.
  • But organizations are investing in new security technologies and seeing clear benefits from doing so.
  • Those who scale, train and collaborate more achieve better results from their security investments.

New risks, hidden threats

Recent high-profile takedowns by law enforcement agencies lift the lid on the level of sophistication and maturity of cybercriminals. As financially motivated cybercrime and politically motivated cyber espionage groups evolve, organizations face new risks and hidden threats.

Failing security investments

Investment in new technologies is leading to a proliferation of tools for most organizations—yet they are seeing only 53 percent returns on average for these security investments.

What do cybersecurity leaders do differently?

Our 2019 State of Cyber Resilience research finds that 17 percent of survey respondents seem to have cracked the secret code to get the best results from their security technology investments. These leaders perform better than the rest in relation to the number of security breaches, how quickly breaches are identified, the time taken to remediate an attack and the level of damage caused by those attacks.

Leaders scale more

Organizations best at scaling security technology investments are 4X better than the rest at defending attacks

Leaders train more

Organizations best at training are 2X better than the rest at defending attacks

Leaders collaborate more

Organizations best at collaborating are 2X better than the rest at defending attacks

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Making security investments work

For any senior executive looking to optimize security investments and potentially achieve better outcomes in the organization, ask yourself:

  • Have we gone beyond piloting to scale our security technology investments—and among suppliers and partners in our ecosystem?
  • Are we regularly updating the training and education programs based on existing and planned security tools?
  • Are we working closely with strategic partners, security communities, cybersecurity consortiums?

Kelly Bissell

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Security, Global

Ryan M. LaSalle

Managing Director – Accenture Security, North America Lead

Paolo Dal Cin

Managing Director – Accenture Security, Europe and Latin America


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