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Soar in the face of disruption

February 18, 2020


In brief

Disruption is the new normal

Don’t let cost transformation efforts sputter

Invest with purpose

Lay the agile foundation for growth

Bet on big thinkers

Come out on top

1. Prepare for takeoff

Prioritize the removal of rooted systems and structures that prevent the ability to scale and innovate at speed.

2. Invest with purpose

Provide a mechanism to become a disruptor with the help of a galvanizing purpose, expanded innovation breadth and ecosystem partnerships to access technologies and talent.

3. Foster a growth mindset

Reset cultural norms across the organization to embrace creative thinking and relentless innovation. Balance legacy left-brain thinkers with bold right-brain minds willing to push new boundaries.

4. Reward innovation

Implement new or adjust existing incentive structures for behaviors and results related to the new or evolved business models. Relentlessly measure and recognize the right behaviors.

Christopher Roark

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Strategy Lead, North America

Based in Chicago, Chris leads Accenture Strategy in North America and is a senior leader in the firm’s Competitiveness practice.

Benigno Herrería


​Based in Madrid, Benigno leads Accenture’s Competitiveness practice across Europe, focusing on zero-based strategies.

Nnenna Ilomechina

Managing Director – Strategy

Based in the UK, Nnenna focuses on cross-functional strategic issues from growth and innovation to operational efficiency.

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