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Change starts with strategy. Strategy starts with change.

Harness change to create 360° value

In this ever-changing world, companies need to think fast and stay agile. And that requires strategies that work in the real world. With experience across the value chain, end-to-end, only Accenture helps clients create strategies that come not just from knowing, but from the know-how of doing.

Our integrated model enables 360° value creation by giving our strategists the advantage of Accenture insights from AI and data science and deep industry expertise, combined with the experience of efficiently operating business functions, optimizing and running supply chains, designing and implementing technology, and building resilient operating models and cultures.

Accenture Strategy leverages this advantage in our work with boards, CEOs, and C-suite executives to create 360° value for shareholders and stakeholders by defining and answering their most strategic business questions on topics like growth, profitability, technology-driven transformation, M&A, operating models, and sustainability.

Accenture shares why a holistic approach to technology is essential to maximizing value in merger and acquisition deals.

Business and economic impact of the war in Ukraine

How businesses can survive & thrive through high inflation

Accenture outlines the impact of inflation on business and how leaders can survive and thrive through a high inflation environment.

A moment of reckoning for the oil and gas industry

Accenture offers six priority actions to help oil & gas companies respond to the war in Ukraine.

Addressing the crisis and preparing for its impact

Accenture outlines the human, economic, and business impact of the war in Ukraine and guides organizations on how to adapt.

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Tech Vision 2022: Meet me in the Metaverse

The continuum of technology and experience reshaping business
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How does your organization score in our Intelligent Operating Model diagnostic?


Tune in to the Strategy & Consulting leaders who are successfully reimagining the future of business.

Case studies

Fueling new growth for SUSE with a reimagined IT landscape in the cloud.

Accenture worked with Walmart, Unilever, SkyHive and World Economic Forum to launch a pilot program to create more opportunities for people.

We worked with Rolls-Royce as part of the VentilatorChallengeUK Consortium.

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Enterprise Strategy blog

Out of office: Time to rethink your real estate?

Pandemic-driven remote work left many businesses with unused office space. Accenture’s Xavier Menendez shares a zero-based approach for a real estate portfolio.

Take these four actions to help prepare your workforce for hypergrowth

Yaarit Silverstone from Accenture offers four tips for success with the crucial process for acquiring companies to integrate new employees.

Time for an upgrade: Cyber diligence in M&A

Accenture’s Nikhil Iyer tells how companies are considering M&A need to account for the increased risk exposure that comes with targets they acquire.

Our leaders

M&A integration plan calls for careful systems balance

“Many organizations are turning to cloud technologies to both smooth and speed deal-making and integration” says Accenture’s J. Neely via TechTarget

Build a Post-Pandemic AI Strategy for Resilience, Recovery

Our research shows that 84% of C-suite executives believe they must leverage AI to achieve growth objectives, but most do not know where to start via InformationWeek

European businesses must balance digital with sustainability

Read how companies need to weave digital transformation and sustainability into their DNA in order to survive via wef.

Why embracing the circular economy can be powerful for middle income countries

Research finds the circular economy offers a $4.5T economic opportunity by reducing waste, stimulating business growth, and creating jobs via wef.

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Whether it’s business strategy, technology strategy or operations strategy, we drive value, shape new businesses and design operating models for the future.

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