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Empower the human+ worker

février 7, 2019


In brief

Tech Vision 2019 | Human+ Worker

"Today's workers are empowered not just by skills and knowledge, but also tech-driven capabilities. We call this the "human+" workforce."

MICHAEL BILTZ, Managing Director – Accenture Technology Vision. #TechVision2019

Adapting to human+ needs

Enabling fluid movement of people—and knowledge


of business and IT executives agree that increasing employee velocity has increased the need for reskilling in their organizations.

In the war for talent, leaders are recognizing that the most important thing about employees is not where they come from, but how far they can go.

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

Paul Daugherty is Accenture's chief technology and innovation officer and leads the company's Technology Innovation and Ecosystem group.

Marc Carrel-Billiard

Senior Managing Director and Lead – Technology Innovation and Accenture Labs

Marc Carrel-Billiard is the global senior managing director of Accenture Labs, the company's dedicated R&D organization.

Michael Biltz


 Michael Biltz is a managing director who is responsible for leading Accenture's annual Strategic Technology Visioning efforts.

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