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In brief

1. Training

As agencies seek to recruit and reskill workers for increasingly diverse roles, XR can deliver training that is more efficient, effective, and engaging.

2. Field operations

XR can improve field operations by precisely and intrinsically guiding workers through remote processes and bringing together expertise from anywhere to collaborate.

3. Situational awareness

XR can advance situational awareness and improve real-time decision-making through more impactful, data-driven visualizations.

4. Digital twins

Finally, XR can bring digital twins to life, with immersive experiences enhancing understanding of virtual models.

In the post-pandemic world, federal agencies cannot afford to be followers when it comes to XR, and they no longer have the luxury to wait and see.

Key concepts in XR

How XR can transform federal government

XR’s momentum in government


of federal technology leaders say XR is very or extremely important for meeting agencies’ mission needs.


of federal technology leaders say it will be very or extremely important by the end of 2026.

Federal use cases for XR

XR increases the efficiency, effectiveness of training

XR augments field operations with critical skills, improved collaboration

XR advances situational awareness

XR brings digital twins to life

Federal XR pioneers in action

Challenges to federal XR adoption

Agencies’ top obstacles


Existing IT policy restrictions/compliance


Security and privacy concerns


Insufficient network bandwidth/processing power


Lack of enterprise-grade hardware/software partners

How to get started with XR

1. Determine where XR is needed most

Build a three-year roadmap aligning potential use cases with emerging capabilities.

2. Build out teams

Establish a Center of Excellence with requisite skillsets.

3. Ensure a strong foundation

Implement XR technology architecture and infrastructure.

4. Integrate human-centered design

Take a human-centered approach to XR deployment

5. Monitor and iterate

Track, assess, and improve performance.

Looking ahead

Kyle Michl

Chief Innovation Officer – Accenture Federal Services

EJ Dougherty III

Senior Manager – Accenture Federal Services, U.S. Federal and Defense XR Lead

EJ helps clients derive value by designing, developing and deploying immersive experiences using emerging technologies.

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