Federal IT modernization

Disruptive forces are reshaping our world, and federal agencies need new ways to meet their mission and deliver better citizen experiences.

Realizing IT’s potential

For government leaders, change and disruption are a fact of life that requires them to adapt and transform, proactively facing threats, and embracing opportunities. To ride this wave of change, leaders need to leverage disruptive technologies to deliver breakthrough capabilities that will fuel next generation government.

Artificial intelligence, advanced digital platforms, cloud infrastructure, and cybersecurity supported by design thinking and agile methods, provide the foundation for what is next.

Federal IT modernization requires a partner with the commercial innovation expertise and mission experience to turn new ideas into solutions that are scalable, secure, and designed to serve our fellow citizens better.

Masters of change at a moment of truth

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic solidified two new truths for federal agencies:

  1. Technology leadership is key: All agency leaders must be fully versed on how technology intersects with and advances their mission ambitions.
  2. Leaders don’t wait for a new normal, they build it: Thriving in a post-pandemic era will require agencies to not just rehabilitate what was, but to potentially upend convention and reimagine it all.

The Federal Technology Vision 2021 helps agency leaders navigate these truths by identifying the top five emerging technology trends impacting government over the next three years. It builds upon insight from more than 50 Accenture experts as well as survey data from 200 federal program, business and IT leaders.

The report analyzes the importance of the technology stack, digital twins, democratized technology, the virtualized workforce, and multiparty systems.


Federal Technology Vision 2021 Highlights

Watch highlights from our video interviews with the authors of Accenture's Federal Technology Vision 2021.

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What we think

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