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Making synthetic, authentic

September 12, 2022 10-MINUTE READ


In brief


of consumers are confident or very confident they can recognize or identify deepfake videos or synthetic content.

Federal Technology Vision 2022: The Unreal


of U.S. federal government executives report that their organization is dependent on AI technologies to function effectively.

A critical role for synthetic data in our COVID-19 response

Synthetic data’s many use cases

Creating synthetic data sets avoids the risk of data leaks and privacy breaches while also overcoming scalability limitations.

AI as modern-day data factories

A metric for the unreal world: authenticity


What is its history?


What are its restrictions?


Who is responsible?


What is it trying to do?


As we see in the Census and NIH examples, synthetic data is an avenue for agencies to bring even more federal data sets to the research community.


Nilanjan Sengupta

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Cloud & Engineering Lead

Nilanjan is a senior technology director at Accenture Federal Services, helping agencies strategically adopt emerging technologies.

Marc Bosch Ruiz, Ph.D.

Managing Director, Accenture Federal Services – Computer Vision Lead

Viveca Pavon-Harr, Ph.D.

Principal Director – Accenture Federal Services, Applied Intelligence Discovery Lab Lead

David Lindenbaum

Senior Manager – Accenture Federal Services, Applied Intelligence

David is the Director of Machine Learning at Accenture Federal Services.

Shauna Revay, Ph.D.

Senior Manager – Accenture Federal Services, Machine Learning

Shauna leads the Machine Learning Center of Excellence within Accenture Federal Services.

Jennifer Sample, Ph.D.

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Applied Intelligence Growth & Strategy Lead

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The full report

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Government enters the metaverse

The Accenture Federal Technology Vision 2022 explores how the Metaverse Continuum can transform federal government.

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Trend report

Explore our third trend, The Unreal: Making the Synthetic, Authentic.


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