We help federal health agencies accelerate change to deliver unmatched customer service and meaningful outcomes.

A virtual-first future for health

While the rapid move to virtual health became necessary to reduce the spread of COVID-19, benefits have emerged for both patients and providers beyond the pandemic. Looking forward we can leverage virtual technologies to reimagine healthcare and develop a hybrid approach (in-person and virtual) that increases access to care and lowers costs across the health ecosystem.

Technologies like video conference, AI-empowered bots, and secure chat improve all aspects of care. Learn why a virtual-first approach is essential for improving health outcomes and explore the potential of this shift in technology and consumer expectations.


Foundational practices that drive mission success

HealthX: The new health experience

Use human-centered design to capture what patients, grantees, employees, the public truly need; shaping programs and services to advance mission.

Value unleashed

On the journey to value-based care? Integrate innovative technologies and data and analytics to drive quality, establish reliability, and reduce cost.

The data-empowered enterprise

Make data-informed decisions with powerful tools, like AIP4Health, to shape strategy and how your agency operates – in a FedRAMP secured environment.

Innovation for the post-digital world

From ever-changing, smart tools to AI-enabled collaborations, take your technology to the next level.


Wondering where to start and how to get there? From niche programs to enterprise transformation, look around the corner and prepare for what’s next.

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Accelerate health analytics

AIP4Health helps federal health agencies and ecosystem partners realize value from advanced analytics, fast.

Speed high-value scientific discovery: Automate workflows and streamline data access and management for more effective collaboration.

Understand both genetic and social determinants of health (SDOH): Use data-driven insights to address the root causes of diseases and conditions; support the shift to person-centered care.

Broaden healthcare access: Extend healthcare beyond the traditional face-to-face visit by digitally empowering individuals with relevant quick access to relevant resources and recommendations.

Improve clinical decisions: Identify trends and make predictions for diagnostic and treatment decisions – with greater confidence.


What we think

COVID-19 has illuminated opportunities for a future of federal health that is innovative, collaborative and inclusive.

Research shows how federal agencies can scale innovation and achieve real value with Future Systems.

New research details how AI will transform federal agencies and enhance workforce performance.

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Case studies

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology collaborated with Accenture Federal Services to explore PGHD.

Deliver a positive consumer experience, fast enrollment system and greater accuracy.

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Read the latest insights on accelerating change for the future of federal health.

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