Simplify task management from delegation through approval

Federal agencies manage a massive volume of tasks and approvals every day. More and more organizations are leveraging enterprise technology capabilities to replace outdated processes—and many are learning that not all task management systems are equal. Accenture Federal Services' Task Management Tool (TMT) is proven over a decade to help federal agencies improve staff efficiency and reduce missed deadlines.

Task Management Tool (TMT) Demo

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Provides a comprehensive view of tasks from beginning to end

  • Assigns tasks to teams or individuals
  • Creates levels of sub-assignments as needed
  • Enables all staff to find who is doing what and when
  • Centralizes document storage
  • One page, one button approvals

Supports enterprise-wide collaboration

  • Correspondence management
  • Operational and policy creation
  • Personnel actions and approvals

Manages and communicates status updates

  • Enables immediate updates as situations change
  • Sends email notifications to impacted parties automatically
  • Displays real-time status and responses visible across the entire enterprise

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft SharePoint

Proven to scale to accommodate large organizations

Accelerate efficiency

Move beyond never-ending sticky notes to seamless collaboration and communication—with a 30% reduction in missed deadlines.

Accenture TMT – Doing the Good Work

Accenture TMT is here to help our nation’s government do the work that keeps our country going strong.

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Delivering meaningful results

With automation, secure information exchange, and seamless enterprise-wide collaboration, TMT simplifies task management and accelerates leaner, more robust mission delivery.1

Before and after TMT deployment

Before and after TMT deployment


  • Users frustrated with team-based collaboration methods
  • Lack of visibility
  • Time spent looking for assigned contact points and status updates


  • Fewer missed deadlines
  • Organization wide task status visibility
  • Overall cost benefit of $1.4 million annually in strategic efficiency savings at one organization2
  • Single history of all organizational decisions and those involved
  • Metrics-based ability to assess organizational performance and staff efficiency

Is TMT right for your mission?

To assess whether your agency can benefit from adopting TMT, ask yourself these questions:

  • How efficient are interaction and cooperation between agency support and operations?
  • Are agency processes as efficient as they could be, and can you measure them?
  • Are capabilities designed for individual teams or for the entire agency?
  • Does the flow of information support fast-paced operational needs?
  • Are personnel often waiting on approvals or unaware of their status?
  • Do organizational decisions reside in personal inboxes rather than a central system?

TMT in Defense

Accenture | Task Management Tool TMT Tasker, Correspondence & Approval Automation

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1 "Twice the results in half the time: A breakthrough in enterprise collaboration," Accenture article, 2015.

2 "Knowledge Operations (KO) Tools Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)," Headquarters, Air Combat Command, Directorate of Communications, Warfighter Technology Division, Knowledge Operations Branch, Langley AFB, VA, page 30, September 2011.

Jim Stout

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Microsoft Power Platform Capabilities

Dana Oliver

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Army Lead


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