Our partnership with the GeoTech Center

Accenture is a founding partner of the Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center. The GeoTech Center is dedicated to providing a greater understanding of data and emerging technologies and develop strategies and policies that ensure the use for good—to benefit people, prosperity, and peace and build trust. 

The explosion of data and the convergence of cloud computing and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, 5G, quantum computing, blockchain, and extended reality are transforming every aspect of our lives and disrupting industries, economies, institutions, and society. As the velocity of change increases, it is critical for the public and private sector to act now to better harness the value and manage the unintended consequences, while improving equity, transparency, and resiliency for all.


The GeoTech report

Drawing on research and the foresight and insights of leading global industry experts, academics, former high-ranking government leaders, and members of the US Congress, the GeoTech Commission report lays out the immense opportunities and challenges of this new decade—the GeoTech Decade. The report provides a roadmap for organizations, institutions, and the workforce around the world to thrive. This inaugural report presents findings and pragmatic, actionable recommendations in seven areas to benefit the competitiveness and resilience of countries, economies, and society in the years ahead.

  • Global science and technology leadership
  • Secure data and communications
  • Enhanced trust and confidence in the digital economy 
  • Assured supply chains and system resiliency 
  • Continuous global health protection and global wellness 
  • Assured space operations for public benefit 
  • Future of work

The urgency of change

“We are living in a time of rapid change, where new technologies like AI, blockchain, cloud computing, quantum computing and extended reality are changing how people work and live… Bringing together leaders across the public and private sectors to go beyond understanding these changes and working together to chart a path forward to make a positive impact in the world is why Accenture is proud to be a founding partner of the GeoTech Center.”

– John Goodman, CEO, Accenture Federal Services and Co-chair, Atlantic Council GeoTech Center

GeoTech Center launch, March 11, 2020

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