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Cybersecurity as competitive advantage in a world of uncertainty


Cyber Strategy

Define cyber, risk mitigation and regulatory strategies, aligning security to business priorities.

Cyber Protection

Protect the business as it transforms—applying zero trust principles to secure the entire digital core.

Cyber Resilience

Pressure test defenses, understand emerging threats and prepare and respond quickly to attacks.

Cyber Industry

Embed security to build resilience and mitigate risk across critical areas of the value chain.


When Atoms meet Bits

Our Cyber Fusion Centers

Houston Cyber Fusion Center

Accenture's purpose-built, one-of-a-kind Cyber Fusion Center for operational technology (OT) security and industrial control systems (ICS).

Global Cyber Fusion Centers

A collective of global security professionals, leading data scientists, renowned academic researchers as well as technology and alliance partners.

D.C. Cyber Fusion Center

The Cyber Fusion Center in Washington, D.C., combines threat intelligence, adversary simulations, incident response and cybersecurity R&D.

Accenture at RSA 2023

Accenture and Cyber Million

What we think

Ransomware reoriented

Businesses can recover from attacks faster if they understand and prepare for ransomware’s implications across the whole organization.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Report Volume 2

Our threat intelligence & incident response analysts have gained first-hand visibility into the tactics, techniques and procedures employed by sophisticated cyber adversaries.

Private equity and the rising cost of cyberattacks 

Private equity is a prime target for cyberattacks. Firms can mitigate the risks, painlessly and without sacrificing speed. 

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