In brief

In brief

  • Maintaining a workforce through demographic shifts is an ongoing challenge for leading businesses.
  • The new Gen Z talent force is entering the market and disrupting the current recruiting model.
  • Finding and hiring the best talent when and where needed is more than difficult in today's highly competitive market.
  • Oracle Recruiting Cloud is purpose-built to enable business leaders to compete for the best talent in this new market—and markets to come.

Recruiting disrupted

Move over millennials. Make room for a new kind of workforce. The latest generation of talent market disruptors is greeting today’s business recruiters with a new set of expectations.

Enter: Gen Z. Born from the mid ‘90s on, Gen Zs are making businesses up their game again to win their affections. This generation has grown up with the Internet and a smartphone tethered to their hand.

They are born social media butterflies among today’s talent market and happy to move from one job to another.

With shorter-than-ever attention spans, sitting and wading through traditional job postings with yard-long lists of responsibilities and requirements is not their vibe. Today’s new talent market resonates with simpler, more consumable descriptions. They want a quick and easy application process. They expect to do it all from their phone.

And they want to learn about and easily share opportunities through social platforms. That means recruiters must find and engage with them through newer platforms they frequently use, like Instagram and Snapchat, rather than rely on LinkedIn and job boards.

Driving the candidate experience

Market leaders are focused on rapidly evolving the current recruiting model to support their talent needs into the future. With human capital management (HCM) solutions such as Oracle HCM Recruiting Cloud, the future is now.

Oracle is at the forefront of enabling businesses with the capabilities to provide more customized, engaging interactions with candidates. The Oracle Recruiting Cloud is delivered natively as part of the Oracle HCM Talent Management Cloud.

An Accenture study finds Gen Zs want a tailored, engaging experience that takes full advantage of their degree and digital skills.

Combining artificial intelligence and machine learning with data as a service, the Oracle Recruiting Cloud helps companies quickly recruit and hire top talent. With AI matching, recruiters are empowered to make the best recruiting decisions.

The Oracle Cloud solution modernizes the overall recruiting process with a data-driven approach and mobile-first user interface for sourcing and engaging candidates. Throughout the recruiting process, the candidate experience remains front and center. Leveraging innovative chatbot technologies with a modern, mobile-friendly user experience helps provide candidates with a compelling consumer-like experience.

Brandon Johnson

HCM Lead – Oracle Business Group, Global

Debra Lilley

HCM Lead – Oracle Business Group, Europe

Sirisha Nalamati

Senior Manager – Accenture


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