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We have an underlying belief in inclusion and diversity.

The diversity of our people is part of what makes Accenture exceptional. We recognize that each person has unique strengths. And by embracing those strengths, we all deliver high performance—together. Inclusion and diversity are fundamental to our culture and core values at Accenture. We believe that no one should be discriminated against because of their differences, such as age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, religion or sexual orientation. Accenture also believes government laws, regulations and business practices should uphold the principles of diversity, inclusion and equality. While laws may vary in the countries where Accenture operates, we remain committed to an inclusive and diverse workplace—where people can feel comfortable, be themselves and, as a result, be productive.

Employee Resource Groups

Within Accenture, we encourage Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that enable our people to strengthen their networks, grow their skills and give back to the community.

With hundreds of ERGs in 120 offices around the world, we bring together individuals with common needs or interests ranging from ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, gender identity or expression to faith or religion, ability and career paths, and more.

ERGs vary by location, but all aim to:

  • Promote diversity

  • Foster networking

  • Provide mentorship opportunities

  • Support recruitment and retention

  • Build external business relationships

  • Support nonprofit organizations

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We provide a variety of training programs to educate our people about our inclusion and diversity, so they can succeed in our diverse work environment at any stage in their careers. These include:
Diversity Awareness to help our people understand the benefits of working with an increasingly dynamic and diverse organization (cross-cultural awareness, LGBT equality and valuing people with disabilities, among others).
Diversity Management courses to equip our executives with skills to manage diverse teams effectively, while fostering an inclusive work environment (leading, managing and working across cultures, among others).
Professional Development to enable our women, LGBT and ethnically diverse employees to build skills for success (leadership, client-centricity, negotiation and performance, among others).

Cross-Cultural Diversity


Our people reflect the ethnic origins, cultures and diversity of a global market, helping us build awareness and understanding of ethnic diversity at all career levels, from recruiting, training, leadership coaching and more.



Understanding the diversity of ethnic and cultural backgrounds is essential to the way our people work together every day, which is why we provide training programs to help all our employees build a better future.



At Accenture, we want people of all abilities to thrive, which is why we provide an inclusive and flexible work environment for people with disabilities. Plus, to help our people with disabilities be at their best, we accommodate their individual needs with support like assistive technology, flexible work arrangements and additional training.

To spread awareness and reinforce our commitment further, we celebrate the value of our people with disabilities in a company-wide celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

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Supplier Inclusion & Diversity