Driving positive change

Accenture’s position as partner to many of the world’s leading businesses, organizations and governments—and as the workplace of more than 500,000 people around the globe—affords us both an extraordinary opportunity and a tremendous responsibility to make a difference.

We believe sustainability is the new digital—it will create the most powerful force of change in our generation, transforming how we live and work and driving new value and growth.

We are making sustainability one of our greatest responsibilities, embedding it by design into our core business—into everything we do and for everyone we work with.

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Our commitment to the SDGs

High Priority SDGs for Accenture’s operation, Second Priority SDGS for Accenture’s Operations and SDGs We May Impact More Directly.

Now, more than ever, we are committed to playing our part in accelerating change.

Accenture continues to partner with the United Nations—alongside SAP and 3M—to launch SDG Ambition to challenge and support companies everywhere to raise the bar in driving progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As part of the SDG Ambition Accelerator, we are helping to drive adoption among more than 600 companies across 65 countries.

Shared action and collaboration remain crucial to our strategy. Increasingly, we use SDGs as a universal language to galvanize action with our clients, ecosystem partners, suppliers and other stakeholders. For example, we use Accenture’s SDG prioritization to inform our clients and suppliers about our most important SDGs. Against this backdrop, we have continued to focus our efforts against our top-priority SDGs.

Responsible company

We are creating the foundation for responsible growth for ourselves, our partners and our clients.

Path to net-zero

Through our actions and work with clients and ecosystem partners, we’re helping to make the global economy more sustainable. Read more.


Our people demonstrate their dedication, resilience and commitment to our clients and creating shared success for our stakeholders. Read more.

Supply chain

We’re encouraging a mindset of responsible buying to build supply chains that are more sustainable and inclusive. Read more.

Ethics & Governance

Doing business responsibly, legally and with integrity, is the foundation of our company’s culture, and reflects our core values. Read more.

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Responsible citizen

We are working with our partners, our clients and our communities to find solutions to societal challenges.

Our societal response to COVID-19

We are helping clients, partners and communities meet the challenges of COVID-19. Read more.

People + Work Connect

We are helping people get back to work faster. Read more.

Skills to Succeed

We are equipping people with the skills to make substantive improvements to their lives. Read more.

Accenture Development Partnerships

We are addressing social, economic and environmental issues in the developing world. Read more.

Social Innovators

We are accelerating social innovation for clients and ecosystem partners. Read more.


We are making a difference by volunteering our time and skills.

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Stories about our clients, communities and people
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More on responsible business

United nations global compact: Communication on progress 2020. Reporting on Our Growth as a Responsible Company.
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