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Barrier: Employers believe workforce resistant to new skills

Employers underestimate the willingness of employees to learn new skills. However, 67 percent of workers consider it important to develop their own skills to work with intelligent machines, while only 3% of executives say they intend to significantly increase investment in training and reskilling programs in the next three years. Business leaders are struggling to match this commitment with action to transform the workforce.


of workers believe it is important/ very important to learn new skills to work with intelligent technologies in the next 3 to 5 years.

About the platform

The Accenture Future Talent Platform provides a personalized, interactive and on-demand learning solution, helping companies develop their workforce in critical areas such as automation, AI, blockchain and IoT.

Subject matter experts can curate learning boards for a better, faster learning experience, and users can interact with each other by following, commenting and contributing to their favorite boards.

A mobile app enables learners to pick up new skills anytime, anywhere and allows leaders to track learning progress—real time.

Accenture Future Talent Platform

Accenture Future Talent Platform provides a personalized and interactive learning solution, helping companies develop their workforce in critical areas. See more.

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“With technology accelerating at a breathtaking pace, companies need to upskill their people at greater speed and scale to avoid being disrupted by competitors.”

– BHASKAR GHOSH, Group Chief Executive – Technology Services

Developing the workforce of the future

We are currently in an unprecedented period in history where talent, technology and transformation are intersecting to reimagine our ways of working and our human systems.

Organizations need to pivot talent for growth so their talent will stay relevant and adaptive at the speed of smart, while the organization unlocks greater value.

Unlocking potential: Future Talent Platform

Eva Sage-Gavin shares insights on the Accenture Future Talent Platform. See more.

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Proven results

We are helping companies reskill their employees and run agile, intelligent businesses.


The Future Talent Platform reskilled more than 165,000 people and users can explore 3,500+ learnings boards curated by emerging technology experts.

A European bank

The Future Talent Platform improved its digital IQ, enabling new roles with automation and AI work.

A US energy retailer

Empowered an organization-wide business intelligence, data and analytics initiative, reskilling the workforce via the Future Talent Platform.

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Next steps

Making your workforce future ready requires new ways of thinking about work, your workforce and learning to scale up on new skills. The Accenture Future Talent Platform can play an important role to advance your learning goals.

Work planning

Shift from workforce planning to work planning.

Reskilling the workforce

Focus your reskilling efforts on areas that unlock new forms of value.


Work more efficiently and effectively with intelligent machines.

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What we think

Read about the value in putting humans at the center of competitiveness and growth in the age of intelligent technology.

Our Future Systems report looks at how companies can prepare their employees for the future workplace.

We, the post-digital people: Can your enterprise survive the “tech-clash”?

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AI investment and the future workforce

Our interactive, customized learning platform tailors curriculum to the specific needs of each company or individual. We’ve crafted a scalable, cost-effective approach for a new era of learning.

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