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Placing the customer at the heart of the transition to net zero. With digital and sustainability at the core, we help energy retailers innovate at scale.

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Utilities Tech Trends 2022

The Metaverse Continuum

Taking charge and leading the change

The energy retail space is embracing change. Diminishing commodity returns, advancing technology, and a flood of new market formulas mean there is abundant opportunity for retailers to reinvent themselves as utilities+ energy service providers.

Whether it’s renewed focus on renewables, bundled services or stronger partnerships with infrastructure providers, it’s clear that retail providers who balance the needs of their customers today, and their expectations for tomorrow, will thrive.


New energy consumer: Transition on demand

Our latest New Energy Consumer research draws on the opinions of 500 energy providers across 14 countries. This year we explore what energy companies think the future holds for their industry and how are they building the muscle, speed, and agility they need to survive and thrive in a demand-driven world.

Energy providers are at the heart of delivering the energy transition, and their strategic landscape is being transformed as the global effort to reach net-zero gathers pace. At the same time, they are facing a second era-defining dynamic: digital transformation is disrupting markets across the economy, destroying old business models as it creates new ones, and reshaping consumer expectations. Can energy providers survive this period of tumultuous change?

We identified five key areas energy providers need to consider as they strive to become more demand-driven: Purpose, products, platforms, people and partnerships. Learn more.

Our latest research explores what energy companies think the future holds for their industry and how they can thrive in a demand-driven world.

For EV charging at scale, your platform is key

Accenture led an EV Charging Platform Vendor Assessment in 2019 covering the global EV market, roaming platforms, aggregators and virtual power plants. Given the speed of change in the industry and the offerings available, Accenture updated the assessment, EV Charging Platform Vendor Assessment V2.0, to cover vendors with dedicated white-label platform SaaS for EV charging. The assessment focuses on the EV charging software that is required when companies want to become active in eMobility, specifically when they want to become a Charging Point Operator (CPO) and/or an eMobility Service Provider (eMSP).

Read our latest blog and find out why charging is the bedrock for EVs at scale.


Our energy retail services

We use our deep industry expertise in digital customer engagement and operations, connected energy services and customer platforms to help retail energy providers with cost effectiveness, revenue assurance/extension and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer experience and growth strategies

Apply insight-driven approaches to identify, target, and organize for intelligent customer and retail growth with new connected energy experiences.

Digital customer enablement

Develop connected energy experiences across the customer lifecycle journey and channels including digital marketing and sales and customer services.

Intelligent customer platforms

Enable end-to-end digital, customer service, billing, sales, marketing and field customer capabilities on Oracle, Salesforce and SAP platforms.

Connected energy services

Blending customer transformation expertise with distributed technologies and energy-efficiency solutions for next-gen customer experiences and value.

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