Federal finance consulting

We offer functional expertise and digital technology leadership to help federal agencies reimagine their financial organization for the digital age.


Creating your digital finance strategy

We offer functional expertise and digital technology leadership to help federal agencies reimagine their financial organization for the digital age.

Reskilling your finance workforce

We have the experience and expertise to help agencies transition their workforce to higher-skill level work more closely aligned to mission value.

Implementing digital finance technologies

We help agencies use next-generation ERP, robotic process automation, AI/ML, and service design to accelerate digital transformation.

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How we work

Digital strategy and value map

We help you develop your digital finance strategy and determine high priority projects that will deliver value while minimizing cost and risk.

Value proposition and business case

We find the key value drivers for each transformation project and develop a business case using cost, capabilities, risk, efficiency, and security.

Future state and roadmap

We define future state digital finance capabilities and create a path for transformation based on your organization’s needs and constraints.

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Digital finance

We help finance leaders navigate digital finance to optimize processes and operations, enable innovation, and improve performance.

Big data analytics & reporting

We design and implement dashboards and data analytics that provide more in-depth analysis, reporting, and forecasting capabilities.

Automation and Applied Intelligence

We automate tasks and allow employees to apply critical thinking and creativity using advanced tools like predictive analytics for better insights.

Workforce reskilling

We help agencies identify the skills to operate in digital finance and realign the workforce through hiring, talent development, and re-skilling.

Next gen ERP

We apply our deep digital technology expertise to help finance organizations evaluate new technologies and modernize ERP systems.

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Enterprise Performance Management

Using Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), we help agencies transform the budget process from traditional annual budget requests to strategic planning that drives better mission outcomes.

PPBE Transformation

Our PPBE Transformation Framework allows budget and program officers to design strategically focused programs to transform your PPBE environment.

Cost Accounting

Our cost lifecycle management offering helps agencies develop cost transparency to manage costs and better align agency spending with service outcomes.

Operational Excellence

We work with clients to develop and implement operating models and reskill the workforce to achieve better workforce performance.

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Risk and compliance

Risk analytics

Our deep experience with data analytics and applied intelligence will help identify and mitigate risks in a complex risk ecosystem.

Integrated risk management

We break down silos to provide better visibility and enhanced decision making by providing a more integrated picture of agency risk postures.

Process compliance

We assess existing processes and develop/implement streamlined and standardized ‘to be’ processes ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Systems compliance

We use frameworks and accelerators to identify what internal controls apply to your systems and ensure they are effective, automated and monitored.

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