Federal employer branding strategy

Our employer branding strategy solutions help you achieve differentiation, improve recruitment and retention, and increase employee engagement.


End-to-end experience

We deliver an end-to-end experience with an integrated brand solution that is scalable and woven through the entire talent management ecosystem.

Commercial-to-federal best practices

We provide commercial-to-federal learnings and best practices, leveraging our expertise to address the government’s critical need areas.

Measurement and optimization

Our solutions ensure agile adjustments through the employer brand process, encompassing recruitment, hiring, employee experience, and retention.

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How we work

Employer brand value framework

We evaluate the strength of your employer brand across six attributes and the core components of recruitment, employee experience, and retention.

Employee value proposition (EVP)

We take a data-driven approach to your EVP to articulate your employer brand and the values that give employees a powerful reason to work for you.

Employer brand value index

Our proprietary index uses over 70 data points to benchmark federal government employer brand performance against the private sector.

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Our leaders