Applied Intelligence for federal: Real impact

Accenture Federal Services helps agencies use Applied Intelligence to streamline operations, improve citizen outcomes and reimagine the mission.

Applied Intelligence is ready today to transform data into new insight and innovations, automate operations, and empower your workforce to achieve more.

Applied Intelligence – Ready for government

We combine the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation, and advanced analytics with deep client, industry, and technology expertise to help agencies reimagine how they achieve their mission, serve citizens, and manage their organization.

Applied Intelligence is what we call this strategy-driven, outcome-focused approach. By bringing together best-of-breed capabilities within an integrated framework, we can apply the right tools and techniques to achieve the optimal outcome for every situation.

Applied Intelligence is ready today to transform data into new insight and innovations, automate operations, and empower your workforce to achieve more.

Learn what you can achieve with Applied Intelligence.

Technology - From innovation to solution

Applied Intelligence solutions often leverage multiple capabilities—from leading cloud and technology platforms to open source tooling—to meet agency—specific needs.

How machines think

Machine learning can be valuable to interpret a range of data to address a variety of problems with its ability to learn from experiences and adapt.

How computer vision helps government see further

Computer vision is critical to transforming growing stores of video and images into actionable intelligence and insight.

NLP drives government innovation

Natural language processing seeks to enable computers to understand human language to boost citizen service while increasing efficiencies.

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Exploring AI in government

Our new podcast series features the leaders and visionaries defining artificial intelligence for the federal government. Each episode explores a specific topic ranging from the current state of AI within federal agencies to workforce implications.


Applied mission intelligence

Combining automation, analytics and AI into the fabric of government operations.

AI & society – federal implications

Federal agencies can lead in embracing AI responsibly to maintain trust within the workforce and across society.

Responsible AI: Building trust in your solutions

A strategic guidebook for federal executives on the ethical, transparent and accountable use of AI technologies.

IDC Connection: Responsible AI for government

Adelaide O'Brien, IDC's Government Digital Transformation Strategies analyst, shares insight on mitigating bias in AI solutions.

Federal workers ready to thrive in the age of AI

See what the federal workforce has to say about how intelligent technologies, like AI, will affect their work.

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Government–ready industry insights

ExplAIned: A guide for executives

If business schools offered an AI textbook, this is what it might look like.

The intelligent payer: A survival guide

US health insurers can turn to artificial intelligence solutions to unlock billions of dollars in value.

Artificial intelligence, genuine impact

Discover how health and public sector leaders globally are taking advantage of AI to reimagine operations.

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