AIP.IQ powers the intelligent enterprise

FedRAMP High authorized managed service for best-in-class data, AI/ML tools and applications powering 60,000+ federal users.

Powerful tools, applications, and native services

Turbocharge your data capabilities with AIP.IQ, a pre-integrated, secure analytics platform that scales to meet your needs.

Rapid provisioning of cloud-based analytics

Access best-in-class, scalable, AI/ML, RPA solutions & industry data sets for fraud, health, supply chain, threat intelligence and cyber analytics.

Integrated data science workbench

A configurable suite of analyst tools for developing and prototyping customized solutions.

FedRAMP High authorized

Rest assured your data is secure with a FedRAMP High authorized solution supported by 24x7 security-as-a-service.

AI/ML managed service delivery

Get the speed, cost savings, and scalability of a managed service to build and maintain well-architected analytics solutions without incurring vendor lock-in.

Rapid integration with multi-cloud environments

Integrate tools from leading Cloud Service Providers, including AWS GovCloud and Microsoft Azure Government FedRAMP authorized cloud services.

Ease of contracting & deployment

One procurement for dozens of tools and applications available on NASA SEWP, GSA MAS, STS, Alliant, FedSim and more.

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Integrated analytics solutions on demand

Privileged partnerships with over 100 top cloud, data, visualization, and analytics solution providers enrich AIP.IQ.


In the News

Accenture adds Databricks to AIP.IQ for federal AI

Get started faster

AIP.IQ is available on NASA SEWP, offering an easy and fast ordering process using pre-competed contracts to help you get started in days. Quickly stand up new analytics solutions with minimal upfront costs and a flexible pay-as-you-use model.

Pre-negotiated licensing

Access pre-negotiated, consumption-based software licensing rates and bring-your-own-license arrangements to leverage your existing investments.

Flexible financials

Minimize upfront cost using a pay-as-you-use commercial model, scale up or down quickly and cost-effectively.

Simplified billing

Simplify billing with a one-time setup cost, followed by a monthly fee that includes all infrastructure, services, and licensing.

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A proven solution backed by world-class expertise


Current federal users of AIP.IQ – and growing.


Data Scientists, engineers and AI/ML experts dedicated to federal agencies, backed by a fully deployed applied and basic research lab.


Large federal agencies now using AIP.IQ for data-led insights.


World-class tools for data science, engineering, visualization, RPA and ML and AI ops.


Alliances and partnerships with leading solution and platform providers.


Critical incident support.

Ready-to-deploy solutions

With more than 100 solution frameworks and external industry datasets ready to deploy, AIP.IQ accelerates time-to-value using domain-specific solutions for healthcare, fraud detection, and supply chain.

AIPIQ4 Health

Delivers advanced analytics to help government health agencies accelerate scientific discovery and improve clinical and operational decision-making.

AIPIQ4 Fraud

Applies advanced data science techniques to increase the transparency and speed of fraud detection and prevention.

AIPIQ4 Supply Chain

Optimizes agency logistics to improve the security, efficiency, and effectiveness of planning, sourcing, delivery, and return of services and assets.

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Delivering rapid response analytics

At the start of the pandemic, Accenture built COVID-19 response capabilities into AIP4Health to help clients rapidly stand-up data analysis capabilities for case tracking, supply chain management, and impact/reopening analysis.

The solution integrated data from 200+ publicly available COVID-19 related data sources, cleaning and joining the data into a real-time managed API that accelerated data ingestion and analysis. Using AIP4Heath, the team was able to deliver:

  • 40+ curated data sources on COVID-19, local and federal government mitigation, and public behavior to inform multi-variate analysis and scenario simulation.
  • 14 unique dashboards overlaying risk and models, critical infrastructure, socioeconomic variables, comorbidity, supply chain, and social media sentiment.
  • 5+ unique models providing differentiated estimation and alerting capabilities.

What we think


AIP.IQ demonstrates AI and ML capabilities in predictive health analytics hackathon

In a recent healthcare-themed hackathon, teams demonstrated how analytics platforms can enhance speed to insight when it comes to large datasets.

How to identify and mitigate bias in federal AI

As the federal government increasingly adopts AI strategies and technologies, understanding how to identify and mitigate bias is critical.

Accenture Adds Databricks to AIP-IQ to Scale Federal AI

The Accenture Insights Platform for Government plus big data processing platform Databricks can help federal agencies scale AI initiatives.

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