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Federal Data Services


Data and analytics strategy

We help define your data-driven strategy and map future initiatives to quantifiable business outcomes powered by proven methodologies.

Data discovery and augmentation

We help you gain strategic and operational control with dashboards, predictive analytics, and simulation and modeling capabilities.

Data management

We use modern methods for data governance, architecture, and compliance to structure your data assets and provide effective ongoing management.

Leading-edge technologies

We help you evaluate and explore emerging technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, Computer Vision, and Quantum Computing.

Flash teams

We rapidly deploy a “tiger team” of data scientists, engineers, visualization experts, and functional experts to tackle your toughest problems.

Data science-as-a-service

We offer experienced AI industry experts using an “as-a-service” model to address near-term skill gaps or sustain critical data science capabilities.

Meet our lead

Ian McCulloh, Ph.D.

Managing Director - Accenture Federal Services, Applied Intelligence Chief Data Scientist


Federal Applied Intelligence

We help federal agencies unlock value from their data, improve visibility and performance, enhance decision-support, and deliver mission outcomes.

AI & automation

We deliver AI and Automation solutions that allow humans and machines to work together, complementing each other’s strengths and maximizing value.