Accenture Vaccine Management Solution

Expert support and innovative technologies for distributing COVID-19 vaccines safely, equitably and efficiently.

Managing and maintaining a vaccine distribution timeline

Managing and distributing COVID-19 vaccinations has been one of the most consequential challenges of our time. As states continue vaccinating populations against COVID-19, they have opportunities to build and extend efforts to improve disease surveillance and overall immunization information management.

Four key priorities

Each of the 64 immunization jurisdictions in the United States must address requirements in four key areas.


Maintain a plan to adhere to new CDC guidelines, which affect the entire vaccine management ecosystem.


Ensure the ability to handle more users while aligning with CDC requirements for inventory management, documentation and reporting.


Continue collaborating with stakeholders to create an effective and equitable plan for distributing vaccines and to modernize existing systems.


Efficiently allocate federal funding in support of vaccine distribution and training.

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How might state and local governments transform their success with COVID-19 vaccine management to improve disease surveillance and immunization information management?

Solution overview

The Accenture Vaccine Management Solution includes five modules and consulting support that can be used together or individually:

  • Vaccine Management and Tracking Platform – Expanding on Accenture’s contact tracing capability that leverages the Salesforce platform, this solution is rapidly deployable and designed to securely track a resident’s vaccination journey, from registration and appointment scheduling to final vaccine administration and symptom follow ups.
  • Supply Management – Using state-of-the-art commercial software for constraint-based optimization, and drawing on Accenture’s extensive supply chain experience, the solution supports vaccine supply ordering, inventory management and demand forecasting.
  • Community Education and Engagement – Leverages Accenture’s robust marketing and campaign management capabilities and the Salesforce platform to help drive awareness and adoption among providers and critical populations using a people-first, data-driven approach.
  • Contact management – Built on the Salesforce platform, this solution is designed to help with large increases or surges in call volumes by deploying virtual agents to address frequently asked questions and leveraging automated SMS/text and email for community engagement, eligibility screening and health surveys.
  • Analytics and reporting – Using AIP+ from Accenture Applied Intelligence, public health and third-party data is leveraged to create equitable vaccine distribution plans to define and redefine high-priority populations, allocate vaccine supply, monitor population engagement and dosage regimen adherence, and provide last mile/distribution logistics analytics, as well as effectiveness and safety pattern analysis.
  • Organizational Support – Consulting support to assist with the CDC-recommended creation of internal planning and vaccine implementation committees and business process requirements to achieve successful outcomes.

What we think

Discover how equity-focused analytics can help understand and solve racial disparities.

Improve public service workers experiences by creating a future of work that’s more equitable.

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Case studies

Accenture explains how Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, aims to accelerate vaccine access using intelligent finance operations.

NASA deploys a unified application for COVID contract tracing, enabling thousands of employees to return to work safely.

The Austrian Red Cross teamed with Accenture to develop one of the first digitized COVID-19 contact tracing solutions in Europe.

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Integrate with existing solutions – including your Immunization Information System and EHR – to enable two-way data flow to manage vaccine inventory, provider agreements, administration data and patient health information.

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