The intelligent back office

Imagine if the back office could break from its traditional function to deliver strategic value and business insights for public sector organizations.

Moving away from the traditional business office

Public Service organizations are finding the short falls of their legacy ERP systems and traditional ways of working won’t cut it in the post-pandemic. Heavily customized legacy systems, manual processes, siloed operations, limited business insight and a retiring workforce detract from the mission. Organizations can go beyond transaction processing by introducing strategy, analytics and insights and taking full advantage of technology.

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The future of the state government workforce

Benefits of the intelligent back office

Transforming the back office is about more than modernizing technology. An intelligent back office supports greater efficiency and agility. It improves employee experience. It enables real-time business insights, along with continuous innovation and resilience. Those benefits are compelling. What matters even more is how back-office transformation unleashes capacity to drive toward long-term results.

Create strategic partnerships [that extend and enrich public services].

Attract and retain top talent [passionate about mission outcomes].

Improve citizen outcomes [through a greater focus on work with impact].

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Making back office a center for innovation

The intelligent business office aims to do more, at quality and speed, with less. It nurtures and retains top talent. It supports a performance-focused enterprise and promotes financial sustainability. And it seeks out, develops and manages innovation to continuously improve service delivery with fewer workers who can operate from their homes.

Proven strategies can transform the back office by reducing time and effort spent on transactional processing and compliance—thereby increasing capacity for value-added efforts.

Get there faster and safely

Accenture has supported medium and large-sized public service organizations, with leading ERP and HR capabilities on Oracle Cloud, Workday, SAP and Microsoft. From early, cutting-edge projects to large, complex transformations, we have leading expertise in program management and cloud computing delivery.

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A once-in-a-generation opportunity

Public infrastructure: The time is now

What we think

The journey is never the same

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to building the intelligent business office.


Data and analytics solutions can help you unlock powerful insights by tapping into data you didn’t even know you had.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation can help make systems, processes and businesses more adaptable to change.

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI in the public sector can drive cost efficiency, increase citizen satisfaction and improve society.

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