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Air safety solutions

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Supplementary survival kit


Release date: 6th of May, 2022


Release date: 11th of August, 2021

LED Flashlight

PED safety bag

PED safety bag to manage incidents caused by thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries used in Portable Electronic Devices (PED) like notebooks, smartphones, etc. and lead to greater safety.

In case of a thermal runaway on board an aircraft, the PED Safety Bag can be used to avoid delays or emergency landing.

It contains heat, smoke, toxic gases and particles that arise from a personal electronic device entering thermal runaway. 

Performance level 1 certified: all visible smoke is confined within the containment product.

Halon alternative fire extinguisher (HAFEX)

Have retrofit and crew training completed in time before regulation change (EASA & ICAO)

Easy retrofit: Our umlaut developed solution is a drop-in replacement since it uses the existing attachment points of typical halon extinguishers on all civil aircraft types

Scheduled ordering and payment possible

Competitive pricing

In case of an umlaut fire extinguisher AOG you can contact the following global AOG hotline

AOG Order Desk

24 hours/ 7 days a week

Phone: +1 (205) 650-4938 Ext. 3

*AOG service charge may be applicable

Maintenance Manuals:

Release Date: 17th of May 2021

Release Date: 10th of May 2021

Release Date: 17th of May 2021

Service Information Letters

Release Date: 13th of March 2020

Vendor Service Bulletins

Release Date: 1st of October 2020

Release Date: 9th of September 2020

Release Date: 10th of May 2021

Release Date: 14th of July 2021

Release Date: 4th of August 2021

Product Information

Release Date: 25th of June 2021

Release Date: 15th of January 2021

Release Date: 17th of December 2021

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