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Risk and compliance

Managing risk for competitive advantage

Can compliance keep up with warp-speed change?

Accenture's 2022 compliance risk study highlights ways compliance officers can navigate through the perfect storm.

Our capabilities

Cyber risk

Helping manage the risk of financial loss, disruption or reputational damage due to threats, vulnerabilities or failure in networks, computers, programs and data, from connection to digital infrastructure or industrial control systems. Learn more.

Operational risk & resilience

Helping manage the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events. Enabling organizations to become resilient to adverse events.

Fraud & financial crime

Helping define and implement the blueprint for fit-for-future capabilities in areas such as Anti-money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Fraud, leveraging the latest technologies and innovation using AI and advanced analytics.

Regulatory & compliance

Helping reduce the cost of compliance and response time to regulatory changes with greater consistency of execution and enhanced control — leveraging technology innovation and operating model transformation.

Financial risk

Enabling management of credit, market and liquidity risks and capital requirements to meet financial obligations, leveraging data, analytics and technology for efficient risk decision making.


Weathering change: Climate risk and resilience

The urgency has never been greater for companies across the globe to address environment-related risks. Learn how Accenture helps companies operationalize their climate-related business performance.

What we think

Measuring sustainability. Creating value

Accenture explains how sustainability drives performance & how measuring sustainability metrics & ESG KPI's can enhance business...

In a world of risk, pace comes from preparation

Accenture’s 2021 Global Risk Management Study finds a risk landscape that has become more complex, volatile and fast-paced.

Can compliance keep up with warp-speed change?

Our 2022 compliance risk study highlights ways compliance officers can navigate through the perfect storm.

Case studies

US bank steps up Anti-Money Laundering controls

A US bank set up a secondary line of defense against financial crimes—fortifying its compliance area and avoiding millions in potential penalties.

Global Bank bets on knowing its customers

A global bank transforms its Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance operations to avoid penalties and better manage its customer experience and risks.

UNIQA: DORA regulatory compliance roadmap

Accenture helped the insurer identify the steps it must take to meet the new DORA requirements.

Awards & recognition


Forrester wave global cybersecurity consulting services

Accenture earns credibility with tech expertise, vertical knowledge.

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Our leaders

Samantha Regan

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting

Heather Adams

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting

Tommaso Petrillo

Managing Director, Risk & Compliance Function Lead – Accenture

Jérôme Grelier

Managing Director – Conformité, Risques Opérationnels et Contrôle Interne

Eva Maybud

Senior Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Risk & Compliance Regional European Lead

Shingo Yamamoto

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Client Lead

Rafael Gomes

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting