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Empowering innovators in the workforce

August 26, 2021


In brief

Now we’re all developers

Democratized tech is a game-changer for federal agencies

Low-code tools, robotic process automation, and other democratized technologies are proliferating rapidly, offering enterprises a more compelling option for building powerful capabilities than traditional software development.


of federal executives believe technology democratization is becoming critical in their ability to ignite innovation across their organization.

The considerable ripple effects of “I, Technologist”

Saying goodbye to shadow IT

Agencies can minimize their shadow IT problems by enabling their business and mission teams to develop needed capabilities using agency-approved platforms and tools, all with the aid and support of their IT departments.

The role of IT: What’s left for IT departments to do?

Training: A new urgency for digital fluency across the enterprise


of federal executives agree that for tools of technology democratization, organizations need to ensure that training strategies include a focus on security and data governance.


of federal executives agree their organization must train their people to think like technologists — to use and customize tech solutions at the individual level, but without highly technical skills.

Explore further

1. Fortify

Bypass the skills gap


of federal executives report creating scalability and resilience as a benefit their organization derives from tools of technology democratization.


of federal executives report accelerating solution implementation and interconnectivity as a benefit.

2. Extend

Activate grassroots transformation

Agency leaders need to create safe zones for experimentation, risk-taking, creativity, and, yes, failure.

3. Reinvent

Power your new innovation engine

Decision points

Britaini Carroll

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Human Capital Capability Lead

Britaini leads the Human Capital practice at Accenture Federal Services.

Saad Hasan


Christina Bone

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, The Forge® Lead

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The full report

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Five trends for post-pandemic leadership

Read the entire Federal Technology Vision 2021 to explore the five trends and how they interact to set the technology agenda for the next three years.

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Trend report

Explore our third trend, I, Technologist: Empowering Innovators in the Workforce.

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