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Honing your digital edge

November 21, 2020 15-MINUTE READ


In brief

Being digital is an imperative for survival

Digital fluency is a framework measured by your digital workforce’s technology quotient (TQ) + digital operations + digital foundations + digital leadership and culture.

Unlock your people’s potential

Becoming digitally fluent


times more likely to have experienced high revenue (over 20%) growth over the past three years.


times more likely to still be projecting high revenue growth (over 20%) in the next three years.


are considered a great place to work by their workers.


lead their peers in customer satisfaction.


lead their peers in innovation.


lead their peers in operational efficiency.

Four digital personas

Amplify your edge

Build a digital foundation

Improve workforce TQ

David Shaw

Senior Managing Director – Talent & Organization, UKG Lead

David has spent 20 years working with global software, internet service, and hardware / computer and network equipment providers.

Emma McGuigan

Global Lead – Enterprise & Industry Technologies

Emma helps clients achieve enterprise transformation through technology and industry expertise across leading platforms.

Being digitally fluent will be key to future survival and growth. Our research shows there is a long runway ahead of many organizations. However, people are eager and ready to learn. Where will you get started?