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Intelligent automation can be a game changer for federal agencies. But realizing the full potential requires much more than deploying robotic process automation tools. Success hinges on setting the right pre-implementation strategy and expectations, implementing strong enterprise governance, and ensuring ongoing monitoring, maintenance and improvements.

Consider the following recommendations to support those aims:

  1. Establish an Automation Center of Excellence as a focal point for all things automation.
  2. Build a capacity for automation-focused assessment and solution design.
  3. Build strong infrastructure support, including a virtual environment, server hosting and management, product installation and service capabilities.
  4. Ensure robots are not risks through robust monitoring and security governance.
  5. Every agency needs a comprehensive governance framework to execute step-by-step RPA implementation, manage organizational change, update processes, manage service demand fluctuations and communicate with stakeholders.
  6. Above all, stay focused on the “why” of intelligent automation: driving operational efficiency, productivity, quality and/or customer satisfaction.

The complete Putting Intelligent Automation to Work for Federal report references specific enterprise use cases as well as the measurable benefits commonly being achieved. Use the View Full Report button to access and download the full report.

Paresh P. Patel

Director – Intelligent Automation


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