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Building next-generation public health surveillance

January 24, 2023 10-MINUTE READ


In brief

Current methods of public health surveillance

Common sources of public health data

  • Electronic case reports (eCRs)
  • Electronic health records (EHRs)
  • Electronic laboratory reports (ELRs)
  • Vital records
  • Disease and health registries
  • Health behavior surveys

Typical flow of public health data

With more modernized data infrastructure, public health leaders can better identify and contain outbreaks, understand disease burden, guide policy changes, evaluate and improve prevention and control strategies, and target research investment.

Current efforts to modernize public health surveillance

A holistic strategy for next-generation surveillance a reality

A scalable, federated data infrastructure

To meet the demands of a modern public health data ecosystem, federal agencies need a scalable, federated data mesh.

Data interoperability: From data push to data pull

Expanding interoperability with intelligent systems

Data solutions should follow best practices such as the FAIR guiding principles – which help ensure that data are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable – for scientific data management or stewardship.

Unleashing the potential of a modern data infrastructure

Reducing the burden on public health workers with intelligent automation

An action plan for alignment and governance

1. Plan

Define one or more discrete, priority use cases to demonstrate the value of data solutions.

2. Partner

Select data partners whose data sources can be integrated into a data mesh solution.

3. Govern

Create a participatory governance framework to address policy, technical, and operational considerations.

A vision for the future of public health surveillance

Kenyon Crowley, Ph.D.

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Health Analytics

Kasey Morris, Ph.D.

Manager – Accenture Federal Services, Health Analytics

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