In brief

In brief

  • Accenture helped modernize a system for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that helps more Veterans obtain their dream of homeownership.
  • Delivered an enterprise application in VA Enterprise Cloud, leveraging DevOps, Agile methodology and Software as a service (SaaS) platforms.
  • Established a governance structure and Executive Steering Committee to help effectively transition from the old system to the new.
  • New tools and analytics capabilities provide for more proactive action to be taken to enable Veterans to obtain, adapt, and retain their homes.

The military-civilian transition brings critical milestones for Veterans, including home ownership. Military service either covers or discounts home expenses so that service members may focus on the mission. Once out of the military, Veterans must quickly learn how to position themselves for home financing that meets new cost-of-living needs.

Unmatched customer service to help Veterans thrive

VA guarantees loans up to 25 percent to help banks bear the risk of servicing Veterans, who are new to loan markets and may not have comparable assets and credit as their civilian counterparts. The guarantees allow banks to offer favorable terms, including no down payment or mortgage insurance requirements – this helps keep Veterans financially stable and reduces defaults and foreclosure. The Veteran Benefits Administration (VBA) has been working to make its Loan Guarantee Service (LGY) even more responsive to the needs of banks and Veterans. A key challenge has been gaining greater visibility into the mortgage lifecycle – from finding a loan to final repayment.

New platform to transform home loan experience

Accenture helped VA overhaul and modernize VALERI (VA Loan Electronic Reporting Interface), a digital lending tool, using a Salesforce platform, that provides robust analytics capabilities and enhances both the mortgage partner and Veteran experience.

Accenture worked with LGY and VA’s Office of Information & Technology (OIT), to address some of the long-standing functionality challenges found in earlier versions of the tool. The cloud-based solution that Accenture delivered allows for more agility and enables VA to quickly and more easily make changes to improve service and updates based on regulatory or legislative changes. LGY’s data-driven decisions can be made in a fraction of the time and provide prompt assistance to Veterans if indicators of possible default or foreclosure arise.

Through VALERI, Accenture is helping VA improve outcomes for Veterans where it matters most—at home. Our unique partnership has granted us a peerless understanding of VA’s strategic vision and an unyielding desire to create new and Truly Bold solutions to help Veterans thrive.

Benefits realized

Decreased long-term costs, lower maintenance costs

With lower costs for operating VALERI, there is capital to invest in improved services for Veterans.

Improved Veteran experience

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) best practices enable borrowers to see real-time, relevant loan information throughout the loan lifecycle.

Increased compliance and standardization

Results in improved quality and transparency, benefitting all parties to each loan transaction.

Aligns with mortgage industry standards

Data captured in a Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization format makes it easier to do business across the commercial mortgage industry.

Integrating data across the Loan Guaranty Service

Data integration provides vital insights to preemptively identify and respond to possible issues, ultimately enabling more Veterans to remain in good standing.

Advanced program management

The redesigned enhanced analytics and functionality enable VA to better manage organizational risk and plan for future changes.

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Dominique Stuart

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, VALERI Lead

Allison Nowotnik Fisher

Management Consulting Senior Manager – Accenture Federal Services

Shawn Roman

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Veterans


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