"Just imagine what we can do when we can scale innovation across more of the government."

— CHRISTINA BONE, Chief Innovation Architect

Mission success in a rapidly-changing world

Our world is changing at a speed that has never been seen before. Powered by new and rapidly-evolving technologies, and accelerated by complex world events, we are witnessing a profound reshaping of how we work, consume, interact, and live.

The speed of change is creating new opportunities—as well as unique threats and challenges—for our government. Ensuring that federal agencies can keep pace will be essential for the continued success of their missions and our nation.

In this series, we’ve partnered with Government Executive to look at some of the ways our government is successfully rising to meet the moment, as well as the approaches that will help meet the missions of tomorrow.

The invisible threat: Building cyber resilience

The federal government has always been a target of adversarial cyberattacks, but with threats on the rise, cyber resilience is key to protecting critical data and systems.

To stay ahead of emerging threats and to keep up with the speed of detection, federal agencies will need to evolve their cyber approaches to shift their focus from recovery to continuity of operations, and look beyond securing their four walls to protect their supply chains, enterprises and operations, ultimately safeguarding their entire ecosystem.

By embracing approaches like extended detection and response, or XDR, agencies bring together these solutions and practices and build a resilient enterprise.


Scaling change in the golden age of innovation

Buoyed by the accessibility of cloud services, the increased pace of technological change is fueling a golden age of innovation as the times create more demand to fundamentally rethink how government delivers its missions.

By putting an outcome-driven approach into action, government agencies can harness the power of new and emerging technologies to drive mission success and meet the diverse and rapidly-evolving challenges our country faces.

Learn more about how an effective innovation architecture can work at government scale and deliver change that matters.


Going virtual: Embracing the hybrid workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the experience and expectations of federal employees in ways that will far outlast the current crisis.

Today, agencies are working to support a highly disparate workforce, as remote work has become a new way of life for millions of employees. It’s a change in experience and expectations that will alter the nature of work far beyond the current crisis.

The move to an increasingly virtual workplace has emphasized the need for agencies to adopt modern HR approaches that prioritize the candidate and employee experience. By building on proven commercial best practices and harnessing the possibilities of new tools and technologies, HR leaders can play a pivotal role in serving their employees and the mission. They can also help meet growing calls for a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment.


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