We underpin our clients’ digital businesses with an intelligent infrastructure—which includes the network, data center, workplace and service management—that is increasingly more dynamic, real-time, always on, always available and can cost-effectively scale to meet growing demands.

IT infrastructure careers at Accenture allow you to take advantage of technologies such as virtualization and software defined infrastructure, helping our clients to rapidly deploy and provision resources, and predict trends.

Our infrastructure services offerings include:

  • Network: Help clients to cost-effectively scale and transform their network environments to meet the growing connectivity demands of the digital business from mobility, cloud, and collaboration to Big Data and the Internet of Things.
  • Digital Workplace: Help organizations and employees communicate and collaborate seamlessly and securely with one another and externally across their digital supply chain. Delivered through a “virtual office” solution with a consumer-like experience, applications and data become accessible anywhere, at any time and on any device.
  • Service Management: Help clients address the challenges of IT management while seizing the opportunities and mitigating the risks associated with advancements in technology or IT management practices.
  • Infrastructure Outsourcing: Provide ongoing management of clients’ IT infrastructure capabilities and/or functions.

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Intelligent Infrastructure

Lay the foundation for our clients’ digital businesses.

You will help our clients design and implement an intelligent infrastructure that enables their digital business and drives high performance.


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