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November 14, 2017
Workday Cloud Platform: Building for a dynamic future

In a digital world, technology must be dynamic in order to meet the evolving needs of the enterprise. For Workday that means developing systems that build bridges within organizations so companies can make more informed decisions about their businesses their people and the future. At Workday Rising, Workday’s annual gathering of customers prospective customers partners and employees Workday shared the latest on the open Workday Cloud Platform, its Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering.

At Accenture, we can’t even begin to contain our excitement. The Workday Cloud Platform together with Accenture’s industry depth global presence and innovation engine creates an incredible new set of opportunities for our clients and our people. With Workday, the future is incredibly bright, and we can't wait to show you why.

Workday is one of the world’s strongest players in the enterprise cloud market, and the Workday Cloud Platform is an exciting addition to an already robust system. Now, the opportunity to transform finance and HR to meet—and exceed—the needs of the rest of the organization is even greater.

Since July, when Workday announced its PaaS offering, the Accenture DayNine team has not only had a lot of fun participating in the Workday Cloud Platform Hackathon, we’ve also worked with Workday as part of its Early Developer Program. As part of this program, we’ve created numerous Workday Cloud Platform use cases.

Here at Accenture, we are investing and looking to bring our clients value with four key themes:

  1. Meeting the Needs of Specific Industries

    Every industry has specific needs, and meeting those needs is what will help companies thrive. At Accenture, we know industries. Our business model is built on industry-aligned strategy management and consulting, and we are leaders in industry depth of knowledge. Combining that proven knowledge with a leading technology platform like Workday will allow us to bring solutions to our clients that are purpose-built for their industry. With the Workday Cloud Platform, we’ll be able to drastically improve the employee experience, reduce workarounds, and significantly streamline the technology stacks that our clients need to operate.

  2. Connecting the Geography Landscape

    Businesses are more connected than ever before, which means technology must transcend geography. From work councils, to local taxation schemes, to localized legislation and local customs, an ideal employee experience is one that is fully native to its location. Workday has already had strong localizations for several years, and now we can further expand and extend those capabilities.

  3. Making Room for More Innovation

    At Accenture, we’ve been busy. Our theme for this year’s Workday Rising was “Applying Innovation Now,” and it’s all about combining Accenture’s Innovation Architecture with Workday. Workday’s Cloud Platform is a key enabler to this: From chat-bots, to machine learning, to robotic process automation, to augmented and virtual reality, we are continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible and creating employee experiences that have never been seen before.

    We imagine a world in the very near future where employee and business questions are answered before they are even asked. Where, instead of applying for a job, the right opportunities are pushed directly to the right candidate. It’s a world where Workday can recommend which areas of the business to watch and devises a plan of action to improve financial performance. We are excited to give our clients access to that innovation by integrating the investments we’ve made in innovative technologies directly into the platform. Not only will this make our clients’ Workday experiences even better and more robust, we can enable our clients to achieve an entirely new level of business success.

  4. Unlocking the Power of the Ecosystem

    As cloud-based technology becomes imperative to a company’s success, it places increased emphasis on the internal technology ecosystem. Internal tools must have the right synergy to both communicate and integrate in ways that allow users to leverage the strengths of each application.

    In our 2017 Accenture Technology Vision, we discuss the trend of “Design for Humans.” Increasingly, our clients are using various combinations of core systems serving various purposes for their respective functions. We don’t believe that employees should have to think about which system they use to check on the status of a transaction or case, or even think about where to go for relevant analytics. We believe that the Workday Cloud Platform will allow us to connect these platforms in a way never thought possible and to truly enable a “Design for Humans.”

    We’re ready for this, and we can’t wait to bring the Workday Cloud Platform to our clients around the world.

    Want to know more about what Workday can do for your business? Contact us here and let’s have a conversation.

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