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How generative AI will transform your work

April 17, 2023

How generative AI will transform your work
How generative AI will transform your work

What you’re about to read is not written by ChatGPT.

But it could be.

According to our research across 22 job categories such as ‘Business and Financial Operations’ and ‘Management,’ we found that Large Language Models (LLMs), the backbone of applications such as ChatGPT, will impact every single category, ranging from 9% of a workday at the low end to 63% at the high end.

Forty percent of working hours across industries can be impacted.

Let that sink in.

Welcome to the era of generative AI.

Our research report ‘A new era of generative AI for everyone’ lets us take a peek into how work will be reinvented by generative AI applications.

How will work be reinvented?

Every role in every enterprise has the potential to be reinvented, as humans working with AI co-pilots becomes the norm, dramatically amplifying what people can achieve.

In any given job, some tasks will be automated, some will be assisted, and some will be unaffected by the technology. There will also be a large number of new tasks for humans to perform, such as ensuring the accurate and responsible use of new AI-powered systems.

Consider the impact in these key functions:

  • Advising: AI models will become an ever-present co-pilot for every worker, boosting productivity by putting new kinds of hyper-personalized intelligence into human hands. Examples include customer support, sales enablement, human resources, medical and scientific research, corporate strategy and competitive intelligence.
  • Creating: Generative AI will become an essential creative partner for people, revealing new ways to reach and appeal to audiences and bringing unprecedented speed and innovation in areas like production design, design research, visual identity, naming, copy generation and testing, and real-time personalization.
  • Coding: Software coders will use generative AI to significantly boost productivity—rapidly converting one programming language to another, mastering programming tools and methods, automating code writing, predicting and pre-empting problems and managing system documentation. For instance, Accenture is piloting the use of OpenAI LLMs to enhance developer productivity by automatically generating documentation.
  • Automating: Generative AI’s sophisticated understanding of historical context, next best actions, summarization capabilities and predictive intelligence will catalyze a new era of hyper-efficiency and hyper-personalization in both the back and front office—taking business process automation to a transformative new level.
  • Protecting: In time, generative AI will support enterprise governance and information security, protecting against fraud, improving regulatory compliance, and proactively identifying risk by drawing cross-domain connections and inferences both within and outside the organization.

New jobs will be created, too!

So, what new skills will you need to build?

Skills in two distinct areas become important—creating AI and using AI. This means building skills in technical competencies like AI engineering and enterprise architecture as well as skills necessary to work effectively with AI-infused processes.

For example, people performing tasks that are cognitively complex and judgment-based will need enough technical knowledge of how these models work to have confidence in using an AI tool as a “workmate.” These include domain experts who understand how to apply data in the real world (a doctor interpreting health data, for instance.)

There will also be entirely new occupations, including linguistics experts, AI quality controllers, AI editors, and prompt engineers.

Generative AI is here to stay. How will you use the technology to transform your work?

Read our report ‘A new era of generative AI for everyone.’


Lan Guan

Chief AI Officer

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