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We’re bringing together social and technology innovators, using exponential technologies to build a more inclusive and sustainable world.

"Leading companies have seen this increasingly strong connection between trust and growth, and are looking to advance their businesses in ways that not only meet their business goals, but also benefit people, communities and citizens."

— PAUL DAUGHERTY, Group Chief Executive, Technology & Chief Technology Officer

Accenture Labs Tech4Good program

Our award-winning Tech4Good program applies exponential technologies to address critical challenges facing society and help build a more sustainable and inclusive world. Through our various endeavors, we help drive social change and impact financial wellbeing across the globe.


Accenture labs Tech4Good

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Inclusion and diversity

Boosting financial inclusion with AI

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Helping hearing-impaired dancers feel music

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Breaking the sound of silence

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The sound of the wilderness is a good indicator of the health of its biodiversity. With the power of AI, our solution monitors sound to detect presence of endangered species.

The last stand of the gibbons

Preserving wildlife using technology

Internet of Birds


Accenture labs and MAYA health

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Accenture Labs in India is working with MAYA Health, an NGO active in the social transformation space, and India CSR to create a viable business model for delivering last-mile impact in healthcare service delivery. We are enabling a “gig economy” through an innovative technology platform that is helping establish a network of empowered micro health entrepreneurs and local healthcare providers including government-run hospitals, private nursing homes and diagnostic centers.


Education & future of work

Million meals pilot with Akshaya Patra

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Future skills builder

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Re-entering the workforce with Emotional AI

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What we think

Emerging Technology

The combined power of AI, blockchain, genomics and other exponential technologies, gives opportunities to solve some of the hardest problems we face.

Four guidelines for transforming social innovation organizations.

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Awards & recognition

Our Tech4Good projects have received numerous accolades. Here’s what we’re most proud of:

World Changing Ideas 2019

Accenture honored in three categories of 2019 World Changing Ideas Awards

GLOMO Awards 2019 Finalist

Maya health, Grameen Guru, Accenture Bleewatch were GLOMO 2019 finalist

Aegis Graham Bell Award for Social Good

AI-based solution helps hearing-impaired dancers feel music

India Mobile Congress Award

Grameen Guru app: "Bringing fortune at the bottom of the pyramid"

mBillionth Award

Drishti mobile app - winner in "Inclusion & Diversity" category

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Latest updates on how technology is helping mankind.

Accenture and CereProc introduce and open source the world’s first comprehensive non-binary voice solution

Accenture collaborated with CereProc, a text-to-speech technology provider, to create Sam, the world’s first comprehensive non-binary voice solution

Accenture and Intel Support Neuromorphic Research

Companies collaborate with researchers to develop and test wheelchair-mounted robotic arm with patients

Helping entrepreneurs amplify social impact

Microsoft and Accenture collaborate to provide hands-on support and technologies to social enterprises, helping them to build scalable solutions and business models that can lead to more tangible and lasting benefits for a greater number of people around the world.

Natural language processing to identify online trafficking ads

Context-specific language modeling for human trafficking detection from online advertisements

Boosting financial inclusion in developing nations

AI- and AR-based applications to boost financial inclusion in the country, particularly among women in rural communities.

Helping increase adoption of financial services among low-income women

New applications leverage the power of AI and augmented reality to improve financial capacity and decision-making for and by the poor.

Our Technology Innovation Blog provides bold thinking and commentary of technologies that address key business challenges facing organizations today.

Deepfakes for good? The promise of digital personas

Deepfakes are growing more sophisticated, and the implications are serious. But we also see ways that technology can be applied for positive uses.

Digital earth: Tackling environmental challenges with technology

At Accenture Labs, we work closely with experts in environmental sustainability to pair the concept of a digital twin of the Earth with DARQ technologies.

Ageing in place with the grace of technology

Working with MAYA Health to bridge the gap for healthcare service delivery to the elderly in rural areas.

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