Innovating for the environment

Eco Innovation Challenge

The Accenture Eco Innovation Challenge is a way for our people to collaborate with innovation partners and tackle critical issues that are affecting the environment.

Circular packaging

How might we reduce packaging waste through the product lifecycle and shift stakeholder mindsets, actions and expectations?

Clean energy at home

How might we increase energy efficiency and the uptake of renewable energy at home?

Climate resilience

How might we use market and nature-based solutions to help communities be more resilient in the face of the climate crisis?

Future of food

How might we re-imagine the way we produce and talk about food, to make it more affordable, healthy and environmentally responsible?

Green(er) supply chains

How might we rethink global supply chains so that they have a net-zero impact?

Rewilding land

How might we accelerate the “rewilding” of land through improved economic opportunities?

Sustainable cloud

How might we scale the sustainability potential of cloud infrastructure and software development?

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Engaging our people and partners

Forty innovation partners from around the world will help select the winning teams and may provide mentorship. There is no expectation of financial support from innovation partners.


More than 2,300 Accenture people came together to determine how to take action.

Eco volunteering

Our virtual eco-volunteer opportunities enable our people to help the environment through scientific and academic research.

Our ninth annual “Greener Than” challenge gamified how our people can learn about Accenture’s environmental initiatives. In 2020, almost 43,000 of our people competed to show their eco-smarts.

More on responsible business

United Nations Global Compact: Communication on Progress 2020. Reporting Our Growth as a Responsible Company.
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