Innovating to address climate-related issues

Sustainability Innovation Challenge 2022

The Sustainability Innovation Challenge invites Accenture teams from across the world to address some of the world’s most critical environmental and social issues.

Through a six-month competition and accelerator program, our people will design and develop market-ready solutions, gathering insights and feedback from leaders in the private sector, nonprofit and academic space. Winning teams will be announced in July 2022.

We are excited to build on the success of our inaugural competition, the Eco Innovation Challenge, during which more than 2,300 Accenture social innovators from 38 countries stepped up and put together teams, generating over 1,200 new ideas. Ultimately, 100 finalists from 11 countries pitched their ideas to Accenture leaders and judges representing our 40 innovation partners.

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1,200+ new ideas for a more sustainable future

We asked our people to develop ideas for a greener future. Learn more.

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Addressing critical environmental and social challenges

Each solution will address one of seven innovation areas sponsored by a client and supported by our global network of innovation centers to maximize impact. The winning teams will bring their ideas to life through our Social Innovators Accelerator.

Future of climate resilient communities

Paris Innovation Centre

Future of energy

Houston Innovation Hub

Future of sustainable consumers

Seattle Innovation Hub

Future of food

Chicago Innovation Hub

Future of sustainable software

San Francisco Labs & Liquid Studio

Future of net-positive water

Advanced Technology Centers India

Future of climate action education

New York Innovation Hub

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Eco Innovation Challenge 2021 winners

Congratulations to the winning teams of each grand challenge!


Circular Packaging

LCA.I.: An AI platform leveraging information from lifecycle assessments of packaging materials to provide options for greener solutions.

Clean Energy at Home

Scaling Our Reach: An app to scale last-mile distribution of clean energy solutions for entrepreneurs with low literacy and technology skills.

Climate Resilience

Coral-ation: An AI platform to unify and integrate global coral reef monitoring efforts and foster collaboration.

Future of Food

AgXelerator: Data-driven tools to speed up sustainable indoor farming to meet the global food demands of 9.7 billion people by 2050.

Green(er) Supply Chains

Aquichain: A blockchain solution to trace the water footprint of supply chains through geo-tagging aquifers to support sustainable water governance.

Rewilding Land

Reimagine, Rewild: An app enabling users to reimagine their local environments—boosting awareness, support and crowdfunding for rewilding.

Sustainable Cloud

Sustainable AI in the Cloud: A carbon-smart machine learning framework to optimize energy use and renewable energy when and where it’s available.

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Engaging our partners in 2021

Our partners who helped select the winning teams

We are grateful to the more than forty innovation partners from around the world and across sectors who helped select the winning teams and some of whom are providing mentorship in the Accelerator.

Partners included leading clients, startups and NGOs. Thank you for collaborating with us on the journey to create a more environmentally sustainable future for all.

There is no expectation of financial support from innovation partners.

"It takes a village to solve these types of problems. It’s not just the one project that wins; it’s about starting a journey and rethinking this together."

– TIM LEVINY, Senior Vice President – Land O’Lakes, Eco Innovation Challenge Judge

Eco volunteering

Our people served as “citizen scientists” to support environmental research.

Using the online platform Zooniverse, they helped researchers track changes in the environment by classifying animal behaviors, such as counting penguins in Antarctica, identifying elusive wildlife species in the Serengeti and classifying Beluga whales in Canada.

Through the GLOBE Observer app, they tracked their observations on clouds and helped researchers interpret satellite data that is key to their environmental research.

Making climate-smart choices

During our “eco season,” from Earth Day through World Environment Day, Accenture people also engaged in a challenge to take daily eco actions to help reduce their own individual footprint.

For this challenge, we collaborated with Count Us In, which aims to mobilize one billion people to act sustainably over the next decade. Daily eco actions included shopping locally, reducing electricity consumption at home and committing to waste-free and meatless days.

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