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Applied Intelligence for federal: Real impact

Applied Intelligence is ready today to transform data into new insight and innovations, automate operations, and empower your workforce to achieve more.

Applied Intelligence – Ready for government

What we think

Technology - From innovation to solution

How machines think

Machine learning can be valuable to interpret a range of data to address a variety of problems with its ability to learn from experiences and adapt.

How computer vision helps government see further

Computer vision is critical to transforming growing stores of video and images into actionable intelligence and insight.

NLP drives government innovation

Natural language processing seeks to enable computers to understand human language to boost citizen service while increasing efficiencies.

Exploring AI in government

Government–ready industry insights

Federal Viewpoints

Meet the team

Michael Scruggs

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Applied Intelligence Lead

Ian McCulloh, Ph.D.

Managing Director - Accenture Federal Services, Applied Intelligence Chief Data Scientist

Maggie Smith

Managing Director - Accenture Federal Services, Strategy & Consulting, Applied Intelligence Lead
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