Next generation talent assessments

Employing technology to evaluate, prequalify and identify potential candidates so your team can focus on the most critical high-touch tasks

Better screening. Better talent.

Talent acquisition screen & selection process that reduces the risk of human bias while increasing a more qualified pipeline of candidates. Pre-hire assessments are proven predictors of job performance.


of employees engage in various forms of job skill testing.


assessments have been shown to predict new hire retention and success.


The cost of a bad hire can cost up to 5x the annual salary of that person.

56 hrs

On average, 56 hours per month are lost to manually completing tasks.

Making a difference

Accenture employs a psychologist-developed, AI-enabled, legally-defensible approach to successfully accelerate recruiting time.

  • Reduces bias with the use of AI
  • Quickly manage high volumes to surface top talent
  • Minimize costs of candidate qualification screening
  • Optimization resources with time savings

The roadmap to top talent

Accenture’s Next Generation Recruiting pre-hire assessments combine the best combination of human and technology assessment factors to speed recruiting team’s processes with precision.

1. Conduct job analysis

Interview job incumbents to identify the list of tasks performed on their job and the competencies needed for job performance.

2. Design assessment plan

Develop customized plan based on job competencies and needs of the job; plan could include diverse collection of assessments.

3. Develop assessments

Configure off-the-shelf assessments, such as cognitive tests and personality tests.

4. Validate assessments with incumbents

Establish a predictive, legally defensible test by validating assessments with job incumbents & collect performance data on participants.

5. Load tests

Transfer to a test platform to develop online tests (optional), including scoring algorithms based on results from criterion-validation study.

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Real-world results

Accenture collaborated with a strategic partner to deliver an innovative and industry-leading human resource solution to a national security and law enforcement agency. We developed and configured eight new cognitive and non-cognitive assessments measuring more than 20 competencies. We conducted a validation study with more than 1,500 job incumbents to develop a predictive and legally defensible test. In addition, adverse impact analyses helped ensure minimal disparate impacts among demographic subgroups.


A bad hire can cost up to 5 times the person's annual salary.

What we think

Technology specifically designed to support today’s busy recruiter.

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