Technology force multiplier for military recruiters

Today’s economic prosperity and high employment rates make hiring strong candidates more difficult. Recruiting requires sorting through potentially hundreds of candidates to find the one with the right skills for the job at hand, and completing the hiring process before the competition can. A manual, paper-based approach to hiring, this makes the recruiter’s efforts one of the most difficult in any organization.


Lead Management

Rapidly managing high volumes of new leads is critical to recruiting success. We electronically ingest leads from agencies, websites and mobile devices and apply our proprietary algorithm to score and prioritize candidates.

The Recruiter’s Assistant

Recruiters can spend 80 percent of their day on paperwork. We use workflow automation, recruiting best practices, forms generation and electronic signatures to place recruiters back out in the field where they do their best work!

Advanced Analytics

Understanding status is a major challenge with data often lagging days or weeks. Our dashboards visually present live, complex recruiting data to identify gaps and conduct manpower planning.

Peter Doyle

Senior Manager – Business Process Architecture


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