Sourcing and procurement

Reimagine procurement end-to-end—to enhance customer experience, improve profitability and create a more responsible and resilient organization.

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Closed Loop Spend Management for Supply Chains

 Supply chain cost management: The path to growth
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We help you close the loop

Closed loop spend management across direct and indirect spend lets you build a robust and dynamic procurement function that unlocks the value your organization needs to manage short-term disruption and fuel future transformation and growth. Read more.

Accelerate cost-takeout

Use analytics and team-based sprints to optimize spend, preserve cash liquidity, and reinvest the realized value across the organization.

Unlock new value with data-driven insights

Extract deep savings from direct and indirect spend, optimize inventory, and connect processes by moving to a data-driven procurement operating model.

Make responsibility part of your DNA

Reduce carbon within whilst reducing cost, mitigate social risks, enable supply chain transparency and drive resource efficiency and waste reduction.

Manage change for enduring growth

Gain full control over operational transformations, implementing lasting change for people and processes, while achieving enduring growth.

Be ready for what’s next

Work leaner, smarter, and more collaboratively, using a flexible human + machine model to drive seamless automation and data-driven decision making.

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Drive positive impact on business, society, and the planet by reimagining procurement into a value generator.

Think differently about procurement

Closed Loop Spend Management (CLSM) drives end-to-end transformation across indirect and direct cost categories to achieve breakthrough value, while enabling talent with new ways of working through the power of digital, data and AI that enables a more efficient, resilient, agile and responsible procurement and supply chain.

Pandemic uncertainty

The global supply shocks seen in the wake of COVID-19 have elevated the importance of supply chain and supplier resilience.

Environment and social responsibility

Consumers, CEOs, regulators and investors drive the transformation towards more responsible business, and procurement has a central role to play.

Economic volatility

Instability in customer demand, commodity prices and currencies is on the rise.

Security threats

As supply chain networks get more complex and connected, the cyber and physical security risks increase exponentially.

Global to glocal

Global supply chains continue to be hindered by new trade barriers and local restrictions on strategic materials.

Digital technology

Emerging communications tech like 5G will have a profound effect as a connectivity enabler.


Need to upskill procurement with the right tools and knowledge to operate effectively in the digital world.

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Refocus on customer-centric growth

Chief Procurement Officers need a holistic approach—one that enhances customer experience, improves immediate profitability, opens up new avenues of value, supports new ways of working, and creates a more sustainable and resilient organization.

Zero-based procurement

Reimagine cost structures with a growth-led ZBX approach that uses a closed loop framework to drive sustainable outcomes and unlock value quickly.

Sourcing optimization

Get unparalleled insights into category performance with comprehensive analytics, enhancing your ability to unlock value from even more mature, responsible and sustainable sourcing.

Procurement transformation

Make procurement an engine of sustainable growth by pivoting to an agile human + machine operating model and a flexible living digital architecture.

Intelligent procurement

Develop intelligent digital procurement capabilities that enhance user experience, reinforce compliance, deliver sustainable and responsible outcomes, and provide E2E visibility, enabling new ways to drive sustainability impact.

M&A/post-merger integration

Ensure each deal unlocks more long-term value at every step, from pre-merger readiness to post-merger integration and value capture.

Supplier relationship management

Maximize the value of diverse, local and sustainable supplier relationships through enhanced collaboration models leveraging advanced analytics and technologies.

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Accenture has the unmatched skills, assets and capabilities to deliver sensible and sustainable savings that help clients drive digital transformation and new growth.

By the numbers

Your supply base is global. So is the disruption and growing complexity your procurement function faces. Accenture has 33 delivery centers across 120 countries to support your dynamic procurement needs.


Spend management annually. Clients tap into our spend management data, tools and intelligence to make informed decisions that lead to more influence over spend.


Procurement BPS clients. Clients become part of an ecosystem of leading companies across different industries and geographies.


Source-to-pay professionals including 1,710 category and sourcing specialists. Clients access our experts who are highly specialized and knowledgeable.


Projects managed annually. Clients gain real-time market intelligence so they have a pulse on market inputs that drive pricing and terms.


Contracts managed annually. Clients access to best-in-class category terms and conditions.


Transactions processed annually. Clients benefit from our deep experience in handling a variety of different transactions and are minimizing leakage.

Technology partners

Accenture's procurement offering is strengthened by the depth of our relationships with leading industry technology partners, including SAP Ariba and Coupa.

Awards & recognition

Accenture’s sourcing and procurement practice is renowned as a leader in its class, commended most recently by HFS Research for its unmatched procurement strategy, technology, and execution capability across the end-to-end source-to-pay process.


Named overall leader in HFS Top Ten source-to-pay service providers report



Named a Leader in the Everest Group PO Services PEAK Matrix™

Assessment 2020

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