The Future of Work

An educational series focused on the State of California and the future of work.

Workforce of the future: What, when and why

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a sea of change in how California State agencies and departments operate. Remote work and virtual collaboration became the rule rather than the exception for a large percentage of the State’s workforce. As the pandemic subsides, State leaders are assessing the impact of this massive shift and evaluating where opportunities may exist to make permanent changes. Leaders from key California departments shared how they are approaching the future of work.


  • Russell Fong: Chief Administrative Officer, State Controller’s Office
  • Miriam Ingenito: Director, Fi$Cal
  • Kathleen Webb: Chief Deputy Director, Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Neeraj Chauhan: Chief Deputy Director, Fi$Cal
  • Karen Johnson: Chief Deputy Executive Officer, Covered California

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Engaging a modern workforce with Workday

Technology plays a fundamental role in the State’s evolution toward new models of work. The “old ways” of paper, manual processes and wet signatures just don’t cut it in a virtual environment. As such, agencies are digitizing human resources processes to match the new virtual environment – mobile time reporting, electronic onboarding and offboarding tools, online training, talent management and more. Join us for a virtual “Day in the life with Workday” and learn how digital HR can help increase productivity, performance and employee engagement.

Special guest, Rachael McCord, Assistant Deputy Director, HR, will kick off the event by sharing Covered CA’s journey, speaking to process changes made, organizational readiness and lessons learned, followed by a robust functional demo from Workday.

Featured Speaker:

  • Rachael McCord: Assistant Deputy Director, HR, Covered California

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Education and government

Accenture + Workday

The Accenture + Workday difference

Go for the Gold!

Join Accenture and Workday for our third of five educational sessions on the Future of Work, with a technical “deep dive” to learn more about Workday’s architecture and how you can leverage its tools and accelerators to jumpstart your HR project – it’s a game changer!

Eileen Smyth, Workday’s Chief Trust Officer, will explain how their software is built different from most “Cloud” solutions in the market and why that difference matters. Then Accenture will demonstrate and speak to their California Gold Tenant, a Workday accelerator with preconfigured State solutions and interfaces to statewide systems that, coupled with the Workday methodology and application stack, reduce implementation timeline and cost, while maximizing the value delivered.

Featured Speaker:

  • Eileen Smyth: Chief Trust Officer, Workday

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Future of Work Education Series – Session 3, part 1 The Accenture Workday Difference

Future of Work Education Series – Session 3, part 2 California Gold Tenant Overview

Future of Work Education Series – Session 3, part 3 California Gold Tenant Demo

Enhance employee potential / Workday VIBE

Enhance employee potential and leave your people and your business “Net Better Off”

As part of the new “work norm,” employees are expecting more from employers, particularly as they anticipate a post-pandemic world. In response, leaders in the private and public sectors are taking more responsibility for workers’ holistic well-being and actively seeking their trust. Accenture’s groundbreaking research found that by meeting six fundamental human needs through work, companies unlock their people’s full potential. We call this framework “Net Better Off.”

You’ll learn what the six dimensions are, see a demo of Workday’s VIBE Index™ and hear steps that leaders are taking to create new strategies, opportunities and environments that leave their employees – and their businesses – “net better off.”


  • Kathleen Webb: Chief Deputy Director, Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Nicole Griffith: Chief, Benefits Division, CA Dept of Human Resources

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Talk to the experts

Covered CA is the first CA State entity to make the transition to Workday HCM and the CA Department of Justice (DOJ) kicked off their Workday deployment this month! Join us for a discussion with their teams to hear “why Workday” and insights, as well as lessons learned from their procurement, planning and deployment experiences.

Featured Speakers:

  • Jaclyn Padilla: Deputy Director, Human Resources, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
  • Benjamin Dodd: Workday Project Lead, Covered California
  • Kermit Taylor: Project Manager, Covered California
  • Jaquelyn Brannam: JusticeHR Business Manager, California Department of Justice
  • Diana Collins: Director, Workday Strategy Services, Accenture

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Accenture + Workday for education and government

Our 300+ Workday practitioners serve government and education organizations and make it their mission to understand the unique and evolving needs of the public sector. Our services are designed to help transform operations with Workday. Learn more.

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