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Hidden workers

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Transforming UK Defence

UK Defence leaders are facing challenges that are complex and dynamic. They are the result of evolving geopolitical tensions, rapidly advancing technological capabilities and the emergence of non-traditional adversaries. Added to this landscape is the increasing use of cyber warfare to disrupt and undermine defence capabilities.

To maintain their ability to deter potential aggressors and achieve a competitive edge on the battlefield, UK Defence leaders need to embrace transformation. Over the coming years they will need to adopt intelligent data use, optimise supply chains to ensure access to the most modern equipment, invest in reinforcing cyber defences and move legacy IT to the cloud. Most importantly, they must do this whilst welcoming and empowering a new generation of personnel to perform at their best.

Now is the time for change.

Work That Matters podcast

EP02: Sailor-centric Design: How the Royal Navy built an app that seamlessly meets the needs of personnel

Often called the senior service, the Royal Navy is one of the UK’s oldest institutions, but the way it engages its personnel is far from traditional. In this episode of the Work That Matters podcast, Sachin Patel talks to Captain Christopher Skidmore about his work on the MyNavy app, the insight that went into its design and the impact it is having on individuals' lives and the service as a whole.

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Case studies

Partnering with The British Army on a brand platform that tackled deep stereotypes and transformed the effectiveness of Armed Forces recruitment.

Working with Rolls-Royce, as part of the VentilatorChallengeUK Consortium, to coordinate production of medical ventilators in the UK.

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Awards and recognition

Some of the accolades we’ve received for our work

Defence Employer Recognition Scheme

Gold Award



A Leader in System Integrator Capabilities on AWS



A Leader in Worldwide Managed Security Services



A Leader in Data & Analytics Services



#1 in Google Cloud AI Services



Microsoft Global Alliance SI Partner of the Year


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