Accenture Benefits Management System

A client-focused solution for public assistance and social welfare programs, designed to streamline case management and transform outcomes.

Improve outcomes and streamline case management

Empower agencies to streamline case management, increase worker efficiency and better serve families, while reducing costs and error rates.

Improve customer satisfaction

Streamline case management to accept input for multiple programs with an integrated intake process and by automating eligibility assessment.

Multi-program support

Scalable and flexible, ABMS can be implemented across programs, agencies and departments, helping to lower total cost of ownership.

Reduce costs

Streamlined workflow, easy-to-maintain rules, automated processes, lower error rates and multi-program support contribute to lowering agency costs.

Built-in compliance

This ACA-ready integrated eligibility solution comes with pre-configured MAGI rules and includes support for programs such as SNAP, TANF and Medicaid.

Holistic view of family needs

Allow human services professionals to view the needs of a family holistically, across multiple programs and services they may need.

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Optimization with easy configuration

Automated eligibility determination

The Eligibility Determination and Benefit Calculation (EDBC) process compares case data with policy rules to determine eligibility.

Federal compliance

Off-the-shelf ACA functionality, including pre-built MAGI rules, automatic application processing, and integration with the Federal Data Services Hub.

Easy configuration

Built on SOA-based standards and principles, simplifying configuration and maintenance. External components enable fast configuration and updates.

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A modern approach to integrated eligibility

As state government looks beyond federal compliance, the need for an adaptive, integrated approach to eligibility determination and benefits administration is critical for a shift from status quo to transformative outcomes.


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