ALIP Policy Administration

Operate faster, smarter and easier with a policy administration system that delivers innovative new products.

Stay ahead of consumer demands

Why continue to let a legacy policy administration system (PAS) diminish your bottom line or limit your top line? Modernize. ALIP’s speed and automation help lower your per-policy service costs and raise service levels. Let our powerful processing and administration capabilities deliver new levels of operational efficiency with rich functionality and configuration features that accelerate your speed to value and keep you self-sufficient—all while delivering improved customer service.

ALIP Policy Administration supports service and administration of the full policy lifecycle from policy issue through final claim or annuity payout.

Power the new products your business needs and support multichannel distribution and device-driven consumers with speed and agility.

Winner of two XCelent Awards in 2019 in the “Breadth of Functionality” and “Depth of Service” categories.

Why ALIP Policy Administration?

Enable full in-force processing

  • Claims and payout
  • Cash management
  • Billing
  • Contract management
  • Fund management
  • Transaction management
  • Tax and regulatory
  • Quotes and inquiries
  • Correspondence
  • Accounting

Speed to market via library of prebuilt templates

  • Out-of-the-box-product templates—preconfigured and production tested—accelerate product introduction
  • Preconfigured rules around new product features, riders and benefits easily adapt to your product structure and calculations
  • Preconfigured templates drive efficiency and more effective business process management when managing your policies

Enhance customer service through productivity gains

  • Workbenches available to tailor customer management and contract management
  • Configure and modify business process and quoting pages for your needs
  • Functional access by user type and individual user
  • Approvals, requirements and follow-ups controlled by business rules configuration

Accelerate introduction with product configuration

  • Modern workbench and workflow to create, modify and view products
  • Actuarial calculation engine to support your complex formulas and product tables
  • Robust product, transaction and fund components to allow definition of your specific product needs
  • Product testing debugger and workbench for product mechanics and values testing

Improve operational efficiency with business configuration

  • Modern workbench for designing, visualizing and modifying business rules
  • Easily create web pages without a web developer or programmer
  • Flexible workflow configuration for all your business processes
  • Workbench provides rules testing, monitoring and execution comparison capabilities

Expand your digital footprint

  • Integrated self-service portal
  • Analytics insights and predictive modeling
  • Personalized customer communications
  • Real-time data access

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Looking for a product?

You're supported by an extensive library of life and annuity products.

Traditional life products

  • Whole Life Products
  • Term Life Products
  • Endowment Life Products
  • Disability Income Products
  • Critical Illness Products
  • Accidental and Health Products
  • Long Term Care Products

Non-traditional life products

  • Universal Life Products
  • Variable Universal Life Products
  • Equity Index Universal Life Products
  • Variable Life Products
  • Interest Sensitive Life Products
  • Required Premium Life Products
  • Corporate and Business Owned Life Insurance

Annuity products

  • Deferred and Immediate Annuities
  • Variable Annuities
  • Fixed Annuities
  • Equity Index Annuities
  • Market Value Adjusted Annuities
  • Settlement Options
  • Structured Settlements

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