ALIP Digital Innovations

ALIP connects you to innovative products and services that help you stay competitive and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Sixty three percent of insurance executives report the pace of digital transformation for their organization is accelerating.

— Accenture Technology Vision 2021

Explore ALIP’s digital suite

Set your company apart from its competitors. Explore these innovative products and services and see how they can help you attract and retain customers while boosting your bottom line. And they’re ALIP-ready right out of the box!

Video Experience

Video communications, dynamically personalized with data from your policy system. Learn more.

  • Differentiate your company’s customer experience
  • Increase brand affinity and loyalty
  • Engage and educate policyholders
  • Improve retention

ALIP Portal

24x7 self-service for agents and policy holders: Learn more.

  • Consumer self-service
  • Agent collaboration
  • Mobile first, responsive design
  • Real-time data
  • Reduce call center costs

Accenture Life & Annuity Analytics

Real-world out-of-the-box insights designed exclusively for life and annuity carriers: Learn more.

  • Improve top- and bottom-line performance
  • Optimize products and markets
  • Enhance agent performance and customer experience
  • Reduce risk

Digital Health Engagement Platform

Analytics-powered health and wellness application: Learn more.

  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Engage consumers throughout the policy lifecycle
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles

Risk Engine

Improve underwriting with extensive morbidity, mortality and health data: Learn more.

  • Accurately assess risk
  • Improve the life insurance buying experience
  • Provide fast, accurate underwriting decisions

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Accelerate CX with personalized support

ALIP’s digital capabilities help insurers provide enhanced customer service (CX) and data-driven, personalized support.

That’s because ALIP has a robust library of integrated digital solutions to help you understand your customers more deeply and communicate with them in more personal, relevant and engaging ways.

Delight your customers with ALIP’s consumer and agent portals, personalized video communications, advanced analytics tools, and co-browsing capabilities.